Rethinking, Recycling, Reusing Carbon, Reducing GHG Emissions, While Capturing Wasted Energy Sources [07/20/2014]


  •  Dr. Daman S. Walia, President-CEO, ARCTECH, Inc.
  •  Ken Newman, President-CEO, Berken Energy, LLC
  •  Dr. Daman S. Walia, President-CEO, ARCTECH, Inc.

Dr. Hancock discusses with Dr. Walia about his exciting new technologies.

Dr. Walia explains his extensive research and the importance of his clean energy technologies.

Mr. Newman joins Dr. Hancock and Dr. Walia’s discussion through Skype on capturing wasted energy sources while reducing GHG emissions.

Mr. Newman shows his data that demonstrates the  reduction in emission of CO2.

Program Summary:

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Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ‘1’:  Dr. Daman S. Walia, President-CEO, ARCTECH, Inc., (In Studio)*;
  • Segment ‘2’:  Dr. Daman S. Walia, President-CEO, ARCTECH, Inc., (In Studio)*;
  • Segment ‘3’: Ken Newman, President-CEO, Berken Energy, LLC,  (By Skype)*; and
  • Segment ‘4’: Ken Newman, President-CEO, Berken Energy, LLC, (By Skype)*; with
    • Special Guest Dr. Daman S. Walia, President-CEO, ARCTECH, Inc., (Skype Back-Up) (In Studio)*

Dr. Daman S. Walia is President and CEO of ARCTECH, Inc. This is a diverse American Corporation providing cost-effective solutions for the agriculture, energy, and environmental market sectors. Founded as a spin-off company from the Atlantic Research Corporation’s Environmental Science and Technology division, the ARCTECH group through almost three decades of experience in energy, energetics, environment, and agriculture has created unified solutions in these interrelated market sectors. The entrepreneurial scientists and engineers at ARCTECH have pioneered the use of our vast resources of coal for economical clean energy, clean water, an improved environment, safer food, recycle military and industrial wastes, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ARCTECH maintains a state-of-the-art research center at its corporate headquarters located in Chantilly, Virginia in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.   This center is dedicated to advancement of applied research as well as investigate solutions for the clients specific needs. In addition, mobile test units are available for application at the client sites. ARCTECH’s technologies are protected under various patents. ARCTECH’s manufacturing plant, which is located in South Boston, Virginia, produces a variety of products for both domestic and overseas clients. Overseas collaboration of ARCTECH, now include the Gulf countries, Egypt, Lebanon, South Korea, Turkey, India, China, and Brazil.

The MicGAS biotechnology of ARCTECH offers an economic and practical approach of utilizing the earth’s vast resources of coal to reverse the adverse global impacts. Coal, to date has been primarily used as fuel or carbon. The MicGAS biotechnology converts coal into clean fuel gas (methane or natural gas) and organic humic matter. The primary strategy of the technology is to capitalize on the plant origin of coals to create highly useful carbon-rich humic products, while bio-converting coal into methane gas for production of affordable, clean energy. The humic matter derived from coal is same as the natural humic component of organic soil matter, and is useful for replenishing soils for increased food production, recycling wastes, and cost effectively cleaning our contaminated waters and soils. This results in sequestration of carbon while fostering worldwide economies with green products made from coal. The U.S. DOE in 2007 highlighted this biotechnology approach among the fourteen transformational technologies.

Coal, being the least efficient fuel in terms of BTU to electric energy, and highest CO2 producing fuel compared to natural gas and petroleum fuels, faces a serious challenge and may become obsolete. Coal is the most abundant and cost-effective biomass (albeit buried biomass) available today. Carbon contained in coals costs less than 1 cent per pound, whereas cultivated biomass is 10-20 times more expensive as it consumed enormous amount of energy and other resources to produce. Sustainability of abundant coal resources as a viable fuel in the strategy is not only needed to produce low cost energy, but also to sustain the enormous economic infrastructure which millions of Americans depend upon for employment.

Today, due to increasing dependence on vulnerable supply sources of oil, coal is again being considered for production of synthetic fuels utilizing the WWII thermal technologies. Technologies based on thermal conversion have been in use in South Africa for many years. These plants were built in South Africa due to oil embargo during apartheid to meet domestic fuel needs without regard for economics. But the implementation of these technologies has remained elusive due to fluctuating oil prices of the past four decades. An integration of MicGAS Coal Biotechnology with proven methane reforming and Fisher-Tropsch results in producing liquid fuels at prices, which will compete with $5-10 per barrel oil, which still is the real production costs of almost 70% of the world oil supply today. More importantly it will create in an economical approach of removing CO2 from atmosphere through increased biomass, which will result from use of humic acid.

The innovative MicGAS technology is based upon applying natural microorganisms adapted to convert coal into clean fuels under anaerobic conditions. Unlike the conventional coal gasifier, the solid residue from the MicGAS anaerobic treatment is not a waste, but is rich in organic humic matter.  The residual coal from this treatment is further subjected to biochemical process for extraction of humic acid This valuable byproduct has applications as a fertilizer material and also in environmental remediation. ARCTECH has developed this technology by adapting microorganisms (derived from wood eating and humus eating termites) to coal in presence of other appropriate nutrient components. The process conditions have been optimized, so that the technology can be applied in typical sewer treatment bioreactors. The technology has also been adapted for conversion of very low grade  coal and residual oil into clean methane gas.

Ken Newman is the President and CEO of Berken Energy, LLC. Ken has over 18 years of experience creating successful start-up businesses in diverse industries and also achieving the Inc. Magazine 500 list. His start-ups have consistently grown from zero to over US$50 million in revenue with successful exits for investors.

Berken Energy has developed the most efficient Thermovoltaic Electric Generation (TEG) materials in the world to date. This TEG captures heat that is wasted in almost every industrial or power generation process and converts it on-site to power. Imagine all the coal fueled power plants in the country which are being closed due to emissions problems, instantly becoming 20% more efficient while actually being able to reduce carbon emissions.

The essence of Berken’s breakthrough is the methods to bypass the conventional square centimeter design of TEG materials into a much larger area format in terms of square feet (square meters), with thin form devices (microns thick). These are much more cost-effective to manufacture, mechanically flexible, and far exceed output per area than conventional thermoelectric devices. By economically producing TEG materials and assembling into a unit, Berken TEG generators produce current with no internal moving parts, no condensing fluids, or need for additional fuels.

The revolutionary aspects of the Berken technology is its capability in creating large industrial scale TEG at costs which are approximately 10% of competing technologies and can be manufactured in scalable units for commercial purposes to create megawatt sized, cost effective generators, which can compete with all other commercial power generation including natural gas. By recovering approximately 20% of one’s energy costs while creating zero emissions, TEG Berken has created a game changing technology with applications in almost every business or industrial process across the globe.

July, 20, 2014

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