Broadcast Live from Changsha, China, “Non-Governmental Organizations: Leadership; Citizen Involvement; and Environmental Quality Capacity Building in China…2050 [08/10/2014]


  • Jian Jun He, Director-General and Ying (Grace) Liu, Project Officer, Environmental Action Association of Hunan Provence
  • Jai Rong Zhong, Vice President, Yang Lake Wetland Development and Management Company
  • Dr. Ping He, President, International Fund for China’s Environment
  • Yongchen Wang, Founder and Chair, Green Earth Volunteers


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Program Summary:

The EmeraldPlanet weekly television programs are broadcast and distributed via Channel 10 TV in Fairfax, Virginia USA. The programs are being simulcast to 2095 stations around the United States and then overseas by the Internet and C-SPAN television. The EmeraldPlanet programs are currently available in all countries and territories around the world.  The Emerald Trek and companion The Emerald Mini-Treks are identifying the 1,000 “best practices” on location from the 143 nations, 750 cities, and 50,000 communities by Internet TV, local television stations, main stream media outlets, YouTube, Facebook, The EmeraldPlanet Meetup, Twitter, among other social media networks, and all manner of print media.

The EmeraldPlanet TV is broadcasting weekly a number of the “best practices which are identified through collaboration with:  major non-governmental organizations (NGOs); United Nations, universities and colleges; research institutes; government ministries and agencies; Embassies; banking and micro-lending organizations; Chambers of Commerce; World Trade Centers, international bodies such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), citizens groups; multimedia organizations; among others by utilizing the most advanced broadcasting hardware and software along with an outstanding television Production Crew to reach an ever expanding global audience. The Emerald Trek is focused upon linking principals identified among the 1,000 ‘best practices’ in the 143 nations being visited through this world-wide movement. The Emerald Trek is encompassing over 300,000 miles, visiting 750 major cities, and 50,000 suburban and rural communities in the identified nations.

Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ’1’: Jian Jun He, Director-General and Ying (Grace) Liu, Project Officer, Environmental Action Association of Hunan Provence, (By Skype)
  • Segment ’2′: Jai Rong Zhong, Vice President, Yang Lake Wetland Development and Management Company, (By Skype)*,
  • Segment ’3′: Dr. Ping He, President, International Fund for China’s Environment (By Skype)*
  • Segment ’4′: Yongchen Wang, Founder and Chair, Green Earth Volunteers (By Skype)*

Jian Jun He is the Director-General and Ying (Grace) is the Project Officer of Environmental Action Association of Human Province. Human Provincial Environmental Protection Associations is the Human Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Human Provincial Mother River Protection Leading Group Office to implement the provincial four modernizations with two types of grand strategy

They aim to focus on the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, around implementation “green Human” target, revolves around the maintenance of environmental rights and interests of the public, government and society to play bridge and link between the role of a service member’s philosophy, uphold, promote resource-saving, environment-friendly society construction in Human Province, to promote the cause of environmental progress and development.

With the support of non-governmental environmental organizations, they promote public participation, environmental rights and other aspects of safeguarding the public to carry out a lot of work, such as the Xiangjiang River basin-wide Survey of the ecological environment, bird protection camp in 2012 in Human Province Human environmental organizations funded projects, environmental projects such as Camp has produced a wide range of social influence.

Jai Rong Zhong is the Vice President of Yang Lake Wetland Development and Management Company. The purpose of the organization is to deliver the natural wonderful home. They work for three content: Wetland science, ecological protection, environmental testing. They perform the ecosystem protection through the observation and the collection of biological and ecological habits of animal and plant. And they also test the environmental test such as checking the ocean air, water sampling. They conduct the wetland environmental education campaign.

Dr. Ping He is the President of International Fund for China’s Environment. (IFCE). He has coordinated IFCE’s activities in public relation, fundraising and project development since 1996. He has developed cooperative relationship with international environmental and conservation organizations and programs, US and Chinese governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sectors. He developed numerous projects in environmental NGO support, technological exchanges, policy advising and public education in China.

Since its founding, IFCE has developed a range of influential programs facilitating partnerships and building capacity in China’s environmental movement. Specifically, They work with NGO’s to improve their capacity, with companies to enhance China’s access to green technology, with policy makers to influence China’s environmental policy, and with environmental education programs to improve Chinese peoples’ agency in the environmental movement.

In 2002, IFCE was named one of several significant global environmental organizations by the United Nations. IFCE has been able to play a significant role in protecting the environment because of its numerous experts in the natural and social sciences. Our staff not only have a profound understanding of Chinese culture, they also have many professional connections within China.

Yongchen Wang is the Founder and Chair of Green Earth Volunteers.After her graduates’ degree at Peking University,She worked as a journalist specializing in the environment. A pioneer of radio programs for the environment, she founded “Classroom on Wednesday” and “Journalists’ Salon,” which encourage public awareness as well as debate.She specifically hopes to increase awareness on the relationship between humans and nature and the social responsibility in the protection of nature.

She has received many awards for her reporting including the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union prize in 1993, 1999 and 2001, the Condé Nast Traveler Environmental Award in 2004, and the Earth award or Globe award in 2001. The latter is China’s most esteemed environmental award.She contributed the Earth award prize money, a sum of 20,000 RMB, to China’s Environmental Foundation and founded the Green Earth Education Fund.

Green Earth Volunteers (GEV) was founded in 1996 by senior environmental journalist Wang Yongchen. GEV has initiated many landmark green activities in the history of Chinese environmental NGOs. Prominent examples are environment journalist salons, “Eco-water Tour”, “Nature University”, “Southwest River Decade Journey” and “Yellow River Decade Journey”. They also organize bird watching activities in Beijing and participated in the “Green Ribbon Campaign” and the “26 ̊C Air Conditioning Campaign”.

Now, GEV is a ‘glocal’ NGO of journalists that advocates environmental protection, civil society development and public participation. GEV focuses more and more on climate change, river protection, corporate environmental responsibility and low-carbon society.The missions of GEC are to promote environmental information disclosure, improve the public’s focus and participation in environmental protection,and facilitate more scientific and impartial public decision making for environmental protection.


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