The New Economy: 'Green' JOBS, JOBS, JOBS…What Are These? Where are These? How many to come? [12/06/2009]


  • Richard W. Lewis, President  Augur Professional Services
  • Jean Williams, CEO/Founder, 5 Million Green Jobs
  • Dr. Reginald Parker, President/CEO, 510nano Inc

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Segment 1 Segment 2
Segment 3 Segment 4

Program Summary:

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The EmeraldPlanet TV is broadcasting weekly a number of the “best practices which are identified through collaboration with:  major non-governmental organizations (NGOs); United Nations, universities and colleges; research institutes; government ministries and agencies; Embassies; banking and micro-lending organizations; Chambers of Commerce; World Trade Centers, international bodies such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), citizens groups; multimedia organizations; among others by utilizing the most advanced broadcasting hardware and software along with an outstanding television Production Crew to reach an ever expanding global audience.  The Emerald Trek is focused upon linking principals identified among the 1,000 ‘best practices’ in the 144 nations being visited through this world-wide movement. The Emerald Trek is encompassing over 300,000 miles, visiting 750 major cities, and 50,000 suburban and rural communities in the identified nations.

This program features:

  • Segment 1: Richard W. Lewis, President  Augur Professional Services
  • Segment 2: Jean Williams, CEO/Founder, 5 Million Green Jobs
  • Segment 3: Dr. Reginald Parker, President/CEO, 510nano Inc
  • Segment 4: Richard W. Lewis, Jean Williams, and Dr. Reginald Parker

In this critical time of the American President Barack Obama Administration and the world wide recession there is the constant drum beat of ‘green’ jobs, jobs, jobs.  Even with over one [1] trillion US$s ($1,000,000,000,000.00) invested in the United States alone to support the economy and reduce the lost of jobs, over 15,000,000 Americans and countless hundreds of millions overseas are jobless or working well below their human potential.

We are hosting several shows for small ‘green’ businesses to explain just what is a ‘green’ job, is there really such a type of job, where are these to be found, and how many jobs are expected to be created over the next 12, 36, and 60 months.  Viewers will have the opportunity to learn more about the guests business models, how their organizations are contributing to creating the new ‘green’ economy, and what can Americans and global citizens expect over the next five years for ‘green’ employment opportunities.

These three guests are providing information on the extensive nature of their work in business development in the  “green” marketplace with each guest being interviewed in one of the four-13 minute segments.  The fourth [4th] Segment will be a panel with all three guests and Dr. Sam to cover any issues or ideas not discussed in the individual session.

As you may know EmeraldPlanet is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to identifying at least 1,000 ‘best practices’ for sustainable environmental and economic development. Our efforts are to link those having such “best practices” with those needing the technologies, processes, services, and products to be outstanding ecological stewards of their resources. Please support The Emerald Planet Television and The Emerald Trek through your generous donations of US$25, US$50, or US$100. Click the donations button to make your contributions now

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