Providing Sustainable Healthcare to Challenged Communities as a Bridge for Development in Environmentally Sensitive Areas [1.20.19]


  • Adam Teitelman, MPS, Head, Program Development, Bridge To Health (BTH) USA
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Program Summary:

The EmeraldPlanet weekly television programs are broadcast and distributed via Channel 10 TV in Fairfax, Virginia USA. The EmeraldPlanet TV programs are available to view on our website, YouTube, UStream TV, and social media around the world. The Emerald Trek and companion The Emerald Mini-Treks are identifying the 1,000 “best practices” on location from the 143 nations, 750 cities, and 50,000 communities by Internet TV, local television stations, main stream media outlets, YouTube, Facebook, The EmeraldPlanet Meetup, Twitter, among other social media networks, and all manner of print media.

The EmeraldPlanet TV is broadcasting weekly a number of the “best practices which are identified through collaboration with:  major non-governmental organizations (NGOs); United Nations, universities and colleges; research institutes; government ministries and agencies; Embassies; banking and micro-lending organizations; Chambers of Commerce; World Trade Centers, international bodies such as The World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), citizens groups; multimedia organizations; among others by utilizing the most advanced broadcasting hardware and software along with an outstanding television Production Crew to reach an ever expanding global audience. The Emerald Trek is focused upon linking principals identified among the 1,000 ‘best practices’ in the 143 nations being visited through this world-wide movement. The Emerald Trek is encompassing over 300,000 miles, visiting 750 major cities, and 50,000 suburban and rural communities in the identified nations.

Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ‘1’: Adam Teitelman, MPS, Head, Program Development, Bridge To Health (BTH) USA, (In-Studio), Theme: “Bridge to Health~~Canada: Outreach to Africa; Country Sites; and Collaborators”
  • Segment ‘2’: Adam Teitelman, MPS, Head, Program Development, Bridge To Health (BTH) USA, (In-Studio), Theme: “Beyond ‘Brigades’: Research; Education; Train-the-Trainer Certifications; & Public Health Programming”
  • Segment ‘3’: Adam Teitelman, MPS, Head, Program Development, Bridge To Health (BTH) USA, (In-Studio), Theme: “Looking Forward: Bridge To Health Addressing Serious United States Inner Cities Health Needs”
  • Segment ‘4’: Adam Teitelman, MPS, Head, Program Development, Bridge To Health (BTH) USA, (In-Studio), Theme: “Beyond Aid & Welfare: Paradigm Shift to Social Enterprise Model of Sustainable Economic, Environmental, and Community Development through Health Care+”

Program Overview:

Bridge to Health Medical and Dental was founded in Toronto, Canada and is comprised of a passionate group of professionals brought together by a common desire to provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. BTH provides sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner to rural under-serviced populations in collaboration with local partners. Another major focus is education, training, and Train-the-Trainer Certifications for local healthcare providers and patients creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

The organization currently operates in underserved rural communities near Kabale, Uganda and Kisumu, Kenya. BTH is collaborating with local partners of: non-profit organization Kigezi Healthcare Foundation in Uganda along with the Kisumu County Government and non-profit organization Africa Cancer Foundation in Kenya. It offers a combination of “Clinical Brigades”, innovative research, education, training programs, Train-the-Trainer Certifications, and public health interventions to make a long-term impact on community health.

Recently BTH USA has begun the process of officially registering here in Washington DC and is pending its 501(c)(3) status. It is creating its first program in Baltimore, Maryland to meet the most pressing health care needs in this legacy city by collaborating with a number of nationally and internationally recognized organizations. Three [3] other targeted American cities are being explored at this time. Some American healthcare inequalities mirror those of developing countries. BTH USA’s goal is to better align and deploy existing resources. At-risk communities should have even better healthcare services as some of the finest healthcare institutions in the world are located right in targeted neighborhoods.

Thank you Happy, Production Crew, Program Team, and volunteers for your outstanding commitment, dedication, and goodwill as we create The EmeraldPlanet… 
Tune in and learn from our outstanding guests and Dr. Sam Hancock, Director and Host of The EmeraldPlanet television productions at 6:30 – 7:30 P.M. (Eastern); 5:30 – 6:30 P.M. (Central); 4:30 – 5:30 P.M. (Western); and 3:30 – 4:30 P.M. (Pacific) time zones.