Africa, Fast Forwards

The Africa Society of the National Summit (ASNS)

The ASNS Africa is a non-profit based in Washington, DC, dedicated to engaging and educating Americans of all backgrounds about the continent of Africa. We work to highlight the richness and diversity of Africa, as well as the economic opportunities that it offers, to acquaint Americans with the lifestyles and peoples of its 54 nations, thereby fostering goodwill and understanding. We hope that through our educational programs and outreach efforts, Americans and Africans alike will recognize their shared interested in sustainably developing the African continent in the interest of its environment and its people.

This series will serve as a resource for current information and positive developments on the continent of Africa. It provides a summarized depiction of “hot topics” in the news, resources for additional information on the subject, and discussion questions designed to make the reader think deeply about key issues. Our focus is on education, sustainable development, alternative energy, environmental protection efforts, health care, politics, gender, agriculture and the efforts being made on these fronts which are helping to develop Africa in a sustainable and responsible way.

Bernadette B. Paolo

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