EmeraldPlanet® and The EmeraldPlanet Television Productions® have open enrollment for internships throughout the year for those interested in learning more about sustainable development around the world, the extremes of climate change, and the needs of citizens around the globe for food, energy, and water security. There are also many other exciting opportunities to become directly engaged with citizens around the world who are creating the 1,000 best practices for sustainable environmental and economic development.

All prospective applicants are invited to apply and come for an interview to determine the best fit for their skills, interests, and energy.

Information Technology Internship
eMarketing Internship
Grant Writer Assistant


Jessica Goldman

Jessica Goldman is an economics major and sustainability minor at the University of Maryland, College Park. As an advocate for sustainable development, she enjoys thinking creatively and analytically about sustainable and economically efficient ways to live. After graduation, Jessica hopes to become a sustainability consultant to help organizations leave a positive environmental, social, and economic impact on the world. As the eMarketing & TV Production Assistant for EmeraldPlanet®, she assists in the production of ElmeraldPlanet TV’s ® global television broadcasts, uploads TV programs to the EmeraldPlanet® website, and advertises broadcasts through various social media outlets.

Michael S. Cole, a first-year college student with the University of Delaware. Studying in Washington, DC at American University through its “Delaware in D.C. Program”. My program includes a two-day per week internship, along with a full course load at AU. I have an internship at The EmeraldPlanet® where my role as an IT and Television Production Assistant helps me gain skills and experience for my future academic and work career.

Spencer Michals student at the University of Delaware. Currently studying at American University through the “Delaware in DC Mentorship Program” for the fall semester 2018. At American have taken required courses along with having an Internship at The EmeraldPlanet TV®. During this internship, I improved my video editing, teamwork, social media, and communications skills.

Joseph P. Rica, a student at the University of Delaware. Currently studying at American University through the “Delaware in D.C” mentorship program for the fall semester. At American have taken four academic courses along with having an internship with The EmeraldPlanet TV®. During this time expanded my professional skills in information technology, social media networking, and website maintenance and development. Developing a number of communications, interpersonal relationships, and networking skills as well as working in technology and intercultural communications.


Keirsten Owens

Keirsten is a broadcast journalism major and Spanish minor at the University of Maryland, originally from Bergen County, New Jersey. She is an eMarketing and TV Production Intern with EmeraldPlanet®. With a passion for environmental and social justice issues and a desire to make a difference, Keirsten hopes to continue doing journalistic work for nonprofit organizations in the future. She is also a part of several clubs at the University of Maryland dedicated to making a difference, including Students Helping Honduras and the Association for Women in Sports Media. Keirsten hopes to learn more about current and future environmental concerns and expand her broadcasting skills in her internship with EmeraldPlanet®.

John Caruso

John Caruso is from Marlboro, New Jersey located in central Monmouth County, and went to Marlboro public High School. Throughout his high school career, he was very involved in the school as well as in the community. He worked many local jobs around the small community. John is an athlete who played four years of varsity football and ran spring track. John always tried to achieve greatness, while managing sports and academics together. He manages time efficiently, and always looks to try and achieve the next great thing. Now attending American University enrolled in the Delaware in D.C. program John continues to strive for greatness while pursuing a Political Science major.  At EmeraldPlanet®, John works to upload, split, and organize the television shows within the IT and marketing department.


Benjamin Kahan

 Benjamin Kahan is a business major at the University of Delaware; selected into the Delaware in DC program, where he is interning for EmeraldPlanet®. He works in the marketing and IT departments. His life before college was based around school. He is hardworking and motivated, and he has lots to offer any business. He was a two-sport athlete in high school, which helped him understand how to balance school work, and extracurriculars. Throughout his life, he developed excellent research and writing skills, as well as the ability to work well with others. He says that “there is not a job in the world that I don’t think I could be taught how to do; I believe I have the great ability to learn.” Ben works diligently and tirelessly, to make sure that any task he is asked to do gets done.


Meaghan Wheeler

Meaghan Wheeler is a freshman Business and Environmental Science major at American University. She is interning for EmeraldPlanet® through the Washington Mentorship Program. At the internship, she works to do special projects involving web design, photoshop, and external hard drives. Carrying through from high school Meaghan is a high achieving student academically. She recently ran her first marathon in Eugene, Oregon, and plans on running many more. Meaghan has worked a variety of jobs from drawing caricatures at Faneuil Hall to training racehorses and has found EmeraldPlanet® to be a great fit for her internship.

Mariana Prado

Mariana Prado is currently interning with the EmeraldPlanet® as part of her Washington Semester Program at American University. As an intern, she actively works on the broadcast, focusing on the many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, and educational institutions the program engages. As a native Brazilian, she is coordinating with companies from her home country in order to enlarge the EmaraldPlanet outreach in South America. She is currently a senior at Stetson University, with a Political Science major with an English minor, and plans to go onto graduate school to study Conflict Resolution.


Beatrice Alexander

 Beatrice Alexander is currently working at EmeraldPlanet® as an e-Marketing and TV Production Assistant. She is a political science major at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. Her main mission in life is to help people and leave the world a better place. Her dedication to this line of work has come from a series of different events in her life, specifically being adopted at the age of 16 months from Russia. Bea worked over this past summer as an intern for Innocents at Risk, which is a not for profit that works to advocate against human trafficking.


Joey Kramer

Joey is a student at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in business finance. While in Washington DC for the internship with EmeraldPlanet®, Joey looked into creating a model around the new stormwater retention credits that were established in 2013 as a way to create and promote urban sustainability. Joey’s planned to recreate the program on a state by state level and was able to make progress towards this. His goal in life is to change the way people think about stormwater and create an asset out of what was once a liability. By doing so, municipalities will begin to cut costs and see a decrease in the amount of pollution and runoff through an increase in green infrastructure.

Rachel Mims

Rachel is a student from Austin College in Sherman, TX. She works on updating the EmeraldPlanet® website, as well as other social networks for the EmeraldPlanet®, such as Facebook, Meetup, Taking it Global, and Flickr.

Jose R. Munoz

José holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from Strayer University. In addition, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Finance from California State University at Fullerton. He is currently serving as a contract management specialist with the United States government. José is a member of the EmeraldPlanet® as a Research Associate for Mexico and Latin America.

Rachael Stifle

Rachael works as an Intern with the EmeraldPlanet® in Washington, D.C. USA. As an eMarketing assistant, she focuses upon the many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, and educational institutions that are part of the EmeraldPlanet® outreach efforts. She will also be involved in the EmeraldPlanet® weekly global television broadcasts. She is currently a senior at The University of Phoenix, pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Non-Profit Studies.

Rachel Youngkyung Kim

Rachel works as an intern with the EmeraldPlanet® in Washington, D.C. USA. She is dedicated to informing the organization’s vision of people in the world, researching information, and assisting in a variety of activities, conferences, projects, and educational programs. She will also be involved in the EmeraldPlanet® weekly global television broadcasts. She is an undergraduate student at Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea pursuing a Bachelor of Media & Communications and English Language & Literature. She is currently participating in an internship program supported by Korean and the U.S governments and is dedicated to improving communication and understanding between Korea, the United States, and the World.

Christos Beretas

Christos Beretas is an Information Technology Optimization Specialist with the EmeraldPlanet® and the EmeraldPlanet® Television Productions in Washington, D.C. USA. He is engaged in researching, analyzing, evaluating, and testing new programs to enhance the information technology, social media networks, and telecommunications systems for the organization’s global outreach efforts. Christos consults with other key leaders of the organization to make sure there is a smooth interface among all aspects of the EmeraldPlanet® global projects and activities. He is currently a graduate student at the City University of Seattle, Washington, USA pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Computer Systems with an emphasis on Technology Management. He is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honors Society of the United States.

Muhammad W. Khan

Muhammad W. Khan, EmeraldPlanet® Informational Technology Optimization Specialist, attended Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and received an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Networking and Security. Muhammad currently attends George Mason University where he is continuing to study Network Design including Operating Systems Architecture. He is responsible for working on all computing aspects of the EmeraldPlanet® including identifying the fastest, lightest, and most mobile computing systems with integrated television broadcasting and telecommunications networking capabilities for remote locations around the globe.

Laura Gagliardone

Laura Gagliardone is an eMarketing Manager with the EmeraldPlanet® and the EmeraldPlanet TV® in Washington, D.C. USA. She is supporting outreach communication and promotion activities with sustainability-oriented NGOs and government agencies in the European Union, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Laura has seven years of collaboration with the United Nations and other international organizations in research, communications, program planning, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination. Laura has worked in Kenya and traveled to African and European countries. She has strong interpersonal skills, evaluative thinking, a creative mindset, multi-cultural sensitivity, and flexibility. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from top Italian universities plus professional courses from American universities in Multinational Programs in Monitoring & Evaluation.

Minji Kim

Minji Kim works as an eMarketing & Television Production Assistant with the EmeraldPlanet® in Washington, D.C. USA. Her position is focused upon the many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, and educational institutions that are part of the EmeraldPlanet® outreach efforts. She is involved with the EmeraldPlanet® weekly global television broadcasts through Channel 10 TV and assisting with new recorded television programs to be broadcast over WORLD 30 TV. Miss Kim is also developing sustainable environmental and economic “best practices” information and posting television programs for African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, North, and South American social media networking outlets. She graduated from the very prestigious Kyung Hee University which is a “Top Ten” university in the Republic of Korea. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree with specializations in Mass Communications and Visual Telecommunications. She is participating in a competitively selected government internship exchange program signed by the former President of Korea H.E. Lee Myung-bak and former President of the United States George Walker Bush.

Jessie Jihye Choi

Jihye (Jessie) Choi is working with the EmeraldPlanet® for The Emerald Mall® as an eMarketing Assistant in Washington, D.C., USA. The Emerald Mall® is the natural outgrowth of the effort to identify the 1,000 “best practices” technologies, services, and products for communities around the globe. As an eMarketing assistant, she focuses upon the many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, and educational institutions that are part of the EmeraldPlanet® outreach effort. She is also involved in the EmeraldPlanet® weekly global television broadcasts. “Jessie” will engage in extensive research about sustainable “green” environmental and economic best practices to be shared around the globe. Jessie is a rising senior at Hongik University, Seoul, Republic of Korea pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She is currently participating in an internship program supported by the Korean and the United States governments. Miss Choi has strong English language skills, having participated in an intensive ESL and American cultural studies Certificate Program through the prestigious Queens College of New York City, New York USA.

Dibyajyoti “Dibyo” Mukherjee

As Information Technology Optimization Assistant and member of the web development team, Dibyo was responsible for designing, implementing, updating, and maintaining the organization’s web presence and infrastructure. Specific projects include deploying Google Apps for Non-profits, migrating to WordPress for web content management, wire-framing, and helping build EmeraldPlanet‘s® next-generation website using HTML5/CSS3. In addition, he has also represented EmeraldPlanet® at various professional events around the Washington D.C Metro area in order to identify and initiate contact with organizations that could be featured on the EmeraldPlanet® TV Show. Dibyo attends Allegheny College in Meadville, PA where his majors include applied computing and environmental studies. He is an alum of the Fall 2012 batch of American University’s Washington Semester Program.

Paolo D. Belarmino

Paolo is part of EmeraldPlanet®‘s Information Technology team. During his stay with EmeraldPlanet®, Paolo contributed to the development of various projects involving EmeraldPlanet®‘s new website. His main focus was on working on the website server’s back-end, as well as integrating related technologies into EmeraldPlanet®‘s work processes. Among his other contributions was developing EmeraldPlanet®‘s email system which is based on Google Apps. He also worked on finding and integrating mapping technology into what is now used for the mapping aspect of The Emerald Trek®.

Tom On

Tom On is an Information Technology Optimization Assistant for the EmeraldPlanet® and The EmeraldPlanet Television® Productions in Washington, D.C., and Fairfax, VA. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  He is responsible for creating the maps for the EmeraldTrek and assisting in the development of the new website.” He is currently an IT contractor in Quantico.

Sojung (Julianna) Lee

Sojung (Julianna) Lee works as an eMarketing & Television Production Assistant with EmeraldPlanet® and The EmeraldPlanet TV® in Washington D.C. U.S.A.  She is responsible for assisting with The EmeraldPlanet® global television broadcasts through Channel 10 and WORLD 30 TV.  She is focused on many government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions, which are part of the EmeraldPlanet® outreach efforts. Julianna is a senior at ‘Konkuk University’ in Seoul, South Korea.  She studies Chinese Language & Literature along with Economics as a double major.   Julianna has completed two certificate programs of English as a Second Language through the PSE (Principle School of English) in Seoul and the Harriet Fulbright College of Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.  She was selected by an international business exchange program sponsored by the Korean and United States governments.

Yujung (Joanna) Hwang

Yujung (Joanna) Hwang is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with experiences in international relations, e-Marketing, and cross-cultural communications at Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. “Joanna” has a great passion for working in marketing and promotions with needed Internet research, software utilization, and English language skills associated with marketing and public relations strategies. Joanna is working with EmeraldPlanet® and The EmeraldPlanet TV® in Washington, D.C. at the global headquarters and television production studios. Joanna is part of a special Republic of Korea and the United States government-sponsored internship program. She got an English as a Second Language Certificate while taking business courses at Queens College, New York City, New York USA.


Benjamin Tyler II

Benjamin Tyler II (Ben) is from Woodbridge, VA.  Ben currently works for EmeraldPlanet® as an Information Technology Optimization Assistant.  He currently attends Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio, and is majoring in Computer Information Technology.  His concentrations in the major are databasing and Internet networking.  Ben is most active in creating the official PowerPoints for The EmeraldPlanet TV® broadcasts.  He also is working on expanding the database concerning major contacts among the various Native American Tribes in the United States and the First Nations people of Canada.  Upon graduation, Ben plans to return to Washington, D.C. to further expand his expertise within the field.

This is my professional photo for my summer 2013 intern profiles

Kathleen Stubbs

Kathleen is an eMarketing and Promotions Assistant with the EmeraldPlanet®.  Kathleen is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, located in Steubenville, Ohio.  Her responsibilities for EmeraldPlanet® include editing and updating the organization’s website, engaging in major research on environmental and economic related issues, and serving as a Floor Monitor for The EmeraldPlanet TV® weekly broadcast.  Kathleen is working with other assistants on activities related to The Emerald Mall® and The Emerald Trek®.


Victor McKoy

Victor Mckoy is an eMarketing and Promotions Assistant with the EmeraldPlanet® and The EmeraldPlanet Television Productions® in Washington, D.C. Victor is in his senior year at Greensboro College. He is majoring in Sociology and Business Administration. Victor does research for the EmeraldPlanet® and is working on The Emerald Mall®, which is an online virtual mall that consists of internet databases that include ‘green’ and sustainable technologies, services, and products. During his time with EmeraldPlanet®, Victor is using his marketing skills and is obtaining more knowledge through experience. He plans to obtain an MBA after graduation and eventually opens his own personal company. 


Jackson Allen Giuricich

Jackson Allen Giuricich is a rising senior at Columbia University pursuing a concentration in French and Romance Philology. He has previously worked in the fields of horticulture and cultural stewardship. At the EmeraldPlanet® Jackson is working to further expand the organization’s national and global profile through the creation of a special TEDx event. TEDx is described as, “created in the spirit of TED’s mission,” which is “ideas worth spreading.” The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.  At TEDx events, a screening of TEDTalks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TEDTalks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections. This TEDx event is being fully planned and coordinated independently by Jackson and The EmeraldPlanet® TEDx team.

Tadahiro KobayashiTadahiro Kobayashi

Tadahiro Kobayashi is a student from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. He is working on updating the EmeraldPlanet® website, especially the added nearly 200 alliances information. He also works updating the database of EmeraldPlanet®‘s huge network, which is expanding every day.

Suguru SaitoSuguru Saito

Suguru Saito is a law student from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan. He is an Information Technology Optimization Assistant and redesigned the website of the EmeraldPlanet®. He is working on updating and designing the website, and promoting the EmeraldPlanet® via various SNS, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Øystein BrendemoØystein Brendemo

photoseogangSukang Kim

Sukang Kim works as an eMarketing & Television Production Assistant with the EmeraldPlanet® in Washington, D.C. USA. Her position is focused upon the many government agencies, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, and educational institutions that are part of the EmeraldPlanet® outreach efforts. She is also developing sustainable environmental and economic information for EmeraldPlanet® weekly global television broadcasts through Channel 10 TV. She is an undergraduate student of Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Korea pursuing a Bachelor of Global Business Administration. She is getting a 4-year full scholarship from Samsung Group. She is participating in a competitively selected government internship exchange program supported by Korean and the U.S governments.

alexAlexander Bartha

Alexander Bartha is an undergraduate student at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Nürnberg. His major is Business Administration with a concentration on management and corporate social sustainability. As a student, he noticed that intercultural communication skills are very important in a worldwide connected business world; therefore he decided to attend the Washington Semester Program in the field of Global Economics and Business in Washington DC. The Washington Semester Program includes an internship for every student. Recently, he is interning in the marketing department of The EmeraldPlanet®. In his free time, he enjoys playing in a soccer club and be a part of the voluntary fire brigade in his hometown.

daiei3Daiei Onoguchi

Daiei Onoguchi, originally from Japan, works as an eMarketing & TV Production Assistant at The EmeraldPlanet®. He attends American University, where he majors in Film & Media Arts and minors in Marketing. He contributes to The EmeraldPlanet® by updating their website with WordPress, editing and uploading their TV Programs on YouTube, assisting the technical aspect of the interview process, and creating a trailer for their social media promotion.

satoSatoshi Kishida

Satoshi Kishida is an undergraduate student at Keio University in Japan. His Major is International Economic and Development Economics with a concentration on the international trade of emerging markets. He has a great interest in Global Business development, and He hopes to make a career as a Global Businessperson. So he decided to join the Washington semester program as a touchstone to work in an intercultural environment. In Japan, He had an internship in a marketing company with the position of deodorant product planning. And This year with two partners, He started operating the tutoring company. He spent his free time playing tennis or kickboxing.

blog2Julie Barrachin

Julie comes from France and is studying Business and Management at Audencia School of Management. She will be graduated in June 2015. Her major is in Finance and she has work experience in Management controlling. She hopes to start her career in this domain. Her hometown is Annecy, in the French Alps. It is a beautiful place with a lake surrounded by mountains. She loves sports and soccer in particular. She practices soccer but also tennis, and she has practiced karate in the past for 7 years. She has chosen to come to Washington DC because she thought this city was a great place of learning and opportunities. This is why to chose to enroll in the Washington Semester Program, with an internship that would make her discover concretely the city dynamic.

Javier Javier Alexis Jimenez

Javier Alexis Jimenez comes from Mexico and is studying Information and communication technologies (ICT) at the very prestigious Universidad Tecnologica del Centro de Veracruz which was the best Technological university in Mexico in the year 2011. He received a CISCO certificate of course completion, Javier Alexis has different skills in programming, and in Graphic design, he speaks English (intermediate) Spanish(Nativo), and French (Basic). Is an Information and Communication Intern, at EmeraldPlanet® and The Emerald Planet® Television Productions in Washington, D.C. He is doing design the Emerald Mall® project website using HTML5 and CSS3, Javier Alexis is part of a special Mexico scholarship program called Mexico 100, sponsored by the government of Mexico. Javier Alexis plans to return to Mexico and finish their career, also he plans to realize their civic engagement project supported by the Mexican government.


Zayra Mendez Lopez

Zayra Mendez is from Nayarit state, Mexico. She’s studying Degree in Management and Tourism Development at Universidad Tecnologica de Nayarit (UTN). She’ll be graduated in June 2015. Her major is strategic planning and project management with communication skills. Her first internship was in Úumbali Mexico as an assistant in environmental education. Currently, she’s living in Washington D.C. because she won an internship in RUMBO JOVEN Mexico 100 Program to come to The Washington Center organization. She’s working as an active member like internship of The Emerald Trek/®Latin America Project Team. Her position is focused upon to gather information about the best travel routes through Latin American countries to visit areas with sustainable “best practices” technologies, services, and products, and those areas considered to be safe to visit. She aspires to work in companies/organizations as important as Emerald Planet®, WWF, Conservation International, Greenpeace, and so on.


Evelyn Poleth Aguirre Cazares

Evelyn is an important member of The Emerald Trek®/Latin America Project Team. She works diligently with her Project Team to conduct extensive research on her selected countries of Latin America. She and her Team members are identifying, organizing, and processing key sustainable environmental and economic development “best practices” which can be visited and interviewed on The EmeraldPlanet TV®. She is also focused upon create needed maps and the proper Trek map for her selected countries. Student career in renewable energies at Universidad Tecnologica de Durango is performing in the company EmeraldPlanet® in Washington DC, in the area of EmeraldPlanet® trek is responsible to be creating a database of companies and universities of countries Latin- American. She has participated in projects to improve the terms of life in rural areas of Durango in the training of people for the generation of compost and greenhouses, as well as also in various bells cleaning parks and caring for wildlife


Jacqueline Violeta Valdes

Jacqueline Violeta Valdes is from Mexico, a student of the  Universidad Tecnologica de Puerto Peñasco in Sonora, Mexico. Will graduate soon in  Business Development focus on Marketing Area, is part of the  Mexico 100 program at The Washington Center, has experience in coordination of community production projects in REHBA for its acronym in Spanish (a network of wetlands of Bahia Adair) a small nonprofit in Northwest Mexico organization dedicated to promoting the use of best practices and undertaking productive projects in the community, work as an intern in EmeraldTrek® team dedicated to research different organizations and institutions in the public or private sector, where the use of best practices in Latin American countries are promoted.


Yiru “Emma” Chen

Studied business administration at Fudan University, Shanghai, and studied as an exchange student in HEC, Paris. Had working experience in Marketing Research, Business Intelligence, and Social Media communications in multinational companies such as Deloitte and eBay.


Octavio Amador Molina


Alan Hernandez Romero

Information Technology internship / eMarketing Internship / Grant Writer Assistant