Grant Writer Assistant

Grant Writer Assistant

Grant Writer Assistant

EmeraldPlanet is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission of spotlighting the 1,000 best practices in environmental, economic, and social sustainable development–primarily on its global weekly television programs, C-SPAN TV, and Internet social networking sites.
EmeraldPlanet is seeking an Intern Grant Writer Assistant who will work under the supervision of the President and Executive Director and/or Executive Vice President for Corporate Relations to achieve underwriters’ sponsorships, write proposals, sponsorship reports, and identify funding opportunities to secure resources from a diverse sector of underwriters. Primary responsibilities include: researching potential underwriters which have similar visions, missions, and objectives compatible with EmeraldPlanet: writing funding requests; progress reports; and developing the case for support from potential new underwriters while working diligently to maintain and expand both in-kind and financial donations from existing underwriters.


  • Write letters of inquiry, concept notes and grant proposals for resource mobilization: draft progress reports as per grant agreement requirements
  • Conduct research on various topics and prepare donor briefing materials, policy briefs
  • Identify and prioritize programs and initiatives that have the potential to attract significant public and/or private sector support
  • Conduct research on various topics and prepare donor briefing materials, policy briefs
  • Liaise with the President and the Executive Vice President to gather relevant programmatic and financial information and draft high quality grant applications and program reports


  • Ability to write clear, precise and compelling documents (supply writing sample)
  • Project management and organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to work independently a well as collaboratively with a team
  • Excellent time management skills, with an ability to handle multiple projects and to meet deadlines
  • Proficient in accessing Internet based research materials, ability to read, write, and communicate complex
    ideas, possessing a laptop computer with normally functioning software
  • Proficient in conducting, processing, and reporting research
  • Other skills and requirements as needed
  • Be resourceful and able to multi-task and maintain organizational skills with little direct supervision
  • Be self-motivated, and appreciate the long-term impact of the EmeraldPlanet programs and activities

The position is open to start immediately and continue throughout the semester for which selected and possibly beyond based upon mutual agreement between the EmeraldPlanet and Intern.

For further information or application, feel free to send an email to Dr. Samuel Lee Hancock, CM:

Information Technology internship / eMarketing Internship / Grant Writer Assistant