Vision and Objectives

The EmeraldPlanet’s Vision:

  • Providing tools and an internet platform for linking sustainable development experts, practitioners, and citizens around the planet to share development ideas, processes, and technologies providing ever better quality-of-life conditions for all people
  • Encouraging all citizens to contribute their unique knowledge, understanding, resources, energy, and contacts to reduce, and possibly reverse, the negative effects of global climate change

The EmeraldPlanet‘s Objectives:

  • To link global citizens concerning the latest activities, projects, and technologies in the field of sustainable development
  • To identify and share 1,000 best practices through The EmeraldPlanet TV and the EmeraldPlanet website
  • To partner with local and international radio, television, online and print media
  • To identify and interact with highly respected, seasoned, and credentialed professionals who will actively participate on the Board of Advisors
  • To expand contacts with organizations, individuals, and companies developing the latest renewable energy sources
  • To highlight research in wind, solar, wave, hydrogen, biofuels, waste-to-energy, low-head hydro, as well as many other alternative energy sources
  • To partner with eleven search engines to make the EmeraldPlanet a premier search engine portal
  • To encourage reductions in fuel, food, and fiber costs by increasing attention on new and existing processes, techniques, and technologies producing…
    • food for humans and animals
    • alternative fuels
    • natural fibers for clothing
    • alternative water sources for food, fuel, and fiber production
    • low-cost shelter
  • To emphasize many related quality-of-life issues including…
    • clean, safe, and plentiful drinking water
    • inexpensive waste water treatment
    • simple, yet effective health care measures
    • K-12 education curricula
    • practical university research
  • To reduce the use of insecticides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers

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