The EmeraldPlanet International Foundation’s approach towards education is based on the European Commission’s “Proposal on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.” This report defines competences as:

“…a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context. Key competences are those which all individuals need for personal fulfillment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment.”[1]

The development of the information society is raising the demand for such capabilities in the personal and public spheres. As the structure and make-up of societies change, there is increasing concern about the need for social cohesion and democratic citizenry, which require people to be informed, concerned, active, and engaged. The expectations for knowledge, skills, and attitudes are changing as a result.

As globalization revolutionizes every aspect of the work environment, from the introduction of new technologies to new approaches to organizing companies, a modern, flexible workforce is needed to foster innovation and productivity. These competences, as defined by the Proposal, are essential to guaranteeing the competitiveness, motivation and satisfaction of employees worldwide.


Cloud Computing Certifiate Program

Definition, Overview, and Promises for Small Businesses and Jobs Creation

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This educational program is evolving around the new evolution of the global World Wide Web called “cloud computing”. The technology research firm Gartner Inc. published its survey of 2,000 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) reporting that “cloud computing” is their top spending priority while overall spending plans for traditional computer equipment and personnel have been flat or decreasing.

The same report highlighted the number of new jobs projected as 286,600 over the next ten years in the United States alone. By extension the world-wide number of jobs could number in the millions for this new movement to further ‘green’ the Internet and all related computing services. Major firms involved in this new movement includes, but are not limited to: Apple; Google; Oracle; Yahoo;; and IBM. The four program guests of Washington, D.C. and the United States are sharing their vision for and excitement about the small businesses and jobs creation benefits of cloud computing.



Mr. Vollmer is the founder and President of Jobenomics LLC, a company and organization dedicated to developing a national campaign to create 20 million new small businesses and private sector jobs by 2020. His book, Jobenomics, was released in September 2010. Jobenomics community based business incubator initiatives have commenced in numerous states (PA, NY, MA, FL, HI) as well as colaborative projects with various non-profits around the United States, are gaining national attention.

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Leveraging Government Programs

Webinar CrunchEnergy

During the current Administration there is a constant drum beat of ‘green’ jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs while addressing the consequences of violent climate change.

Over one US$1 trillion has been invested of tax payer money by the American government to support the domestic economy to reduce the loss of jobs while over 15,000,000 Americans remain jobless. Violent weather events are projected to increase domestically and overseas. The costs of fossil fuels will continue to increase and have a negative drag on American and global markets. At last report from the Federal government less than eight percent [8%] of these funds have been allocated and directed to the intended purposes.

In Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland Region over $313 million in Federal stimulus funds have been allocated for energy audits, energy efficiency retrofits, and weatherization projects among other green construction projects.

At last report from the Federal government less than eight percent [8%] of these funds have been allocated and directed to the intended purposes.

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Leveraging Government Programs to Cut Costs and Green Your Facility (Download PowerPoint)

[1] Brussels, 10.11.2005, COM(2005)548 final. Page 18.