DOEE RiverSmart Homes: Rain Barrels Stormwater Capture, Storage, and Utilization [10.22.20]

Guest: Brian Rodgers, Director, CSW

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Program Summary:

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Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’: Brian Rodgers, Director of Conservation and Sustainability, Constituent Services Worldwide, Theme: “RiverSmart Homes: Save the Water; Save the Streams and Rivers”
  • Show ‘2’: Brian Rodgers, Director of Conservation and Sustainability, Constituent Services Worldwide, Theme: “Rain Barrel Use for the Homeowner: Curbing Stormwater Runoff by Onsite Capture and Use”
  • Show ‘3’: Brian Rodgers, Director of Conservation and Sustainability, Constituent Services Worldwide, Theme: “Green Job Training — Rain Barrels”
  • Show ‘4’: Brian Rodgers, Director of Conservation and Sustainability, Constituent Services Worldwide, Theme: “Education & Certification: Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) and the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP)”

Program Overview:

The one guiding purpose of Constituent Services Worldwide is to empower citizens to complete their goals. CSW brings brave thinking and a desire to be the best in our work in consulting, certifications, and constituent services. CSW’s industries range from Adult Education and Occupational trainings to Green Infrastructure to IT Governance and Security. CSW’s President and CEO, Dr. Robert A. Jordan believes that “a grassroots mentality yields a field of bountiful opportunities.” We bring a ferocious integrity to change the status quo, where management consultants are characterized as “Beltway Bandits” and accused of “stealing your watch to tell you what time it is.” Each day, we strive to combine your aspirations with our world-class capabilities to achieve your goals.

Conservation and Stormwater is a special DOEE “Green Infrastructure and Jobs Skill Building” program. This has the special focus upon Rain Barrel Installation. There are four hours of in-class room training. Then there are five days on-site training in the actual installation of various types of rain barrels for the Washington, D.C. Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE). Participants learn how to install rain barrels. The number of rain barrels installed determines the length of the course as there are a number of specialty barrels being selected and installed across the entire District of Columbia.

The National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) provides the base-level skill set needed for entry-level workers to properly construct, inspect and maintain green stormwater infrastructure (GI). Designed to meet international best practice standards, NGICP is a tool that can be used to meet a wide range of needs, including professional development for existing GI professionals and as part of a larger workforce development to provide candidates with the technical skills necessary to enter the green workforce and earn a livable wage.

Because the NGICP is designed to meet international best practice standards, the implementation of the program is done with impartiality and objectivity, ensuring that all applicants and certified individuals are treated fairly. The implementation of the NGICP is governed by Bylaws and a Policy and Procedures Manual. NGICP is a new program that is growing and constantly evolving, therefore suggestions regarding how program implementation can be improved are always welcome.

Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) Program is a system of materials and consistent instruction across the region, creating a community of certified professionals to be better stormwater partners and environmental stewards. Since the program began in 2016, CBLP has certified 605 Level 1 professionals, and 81 Level 2 advanced design and installation professionals. To find a certified professional, explore our searchable directory. Classes are offered in Washington, D.C.; Maryland; Pennsylvania; and Virginia. The certification will eventually be available across the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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