Basics, Importance, Economic Impact, and Environmental Benefits of Beekeeping [12.8.20]


  • Guest 1: Kimberly Mehalick, Pres., MSBA
  • Guest 2: Kimberly Mehalick, Pres., MSBA
  • Guest 3: Baldwin G. Williams, Sr. Beekeeper, MSBA
  • Guest 4: Fred Smith, First V.P., MSBA
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Program Summary:

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Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’: Kimberly Mehalick, President, Maryland State Beekeepers Association (MSBA) and Co-Owner, The Queens Honey, Theme: “Importance of Honeybees and Challenges Faced in Rapidly Urbanizing Societies”
  • Show ‘2’: Kimberly Mehalick, President, Maryland State Beekeepers Association (MSBA) and Owner, The Queens Honey, Theme: “MSBA Successfully Supporting Beekeepers Through Education, Mentoring, and Outreach”
  • Show ‘3’: Baldwin G. Williams, Sr., New Beekeeper, Member, Maryland State Beekeepers Association (MSBA), and Member, Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeeping Association (BUMBA), Theme: “Perspectives of a New Beekeeper”
  • Show ‘4’: Fred Smith, First Vice-President, Maryland State Beekeepers Association (MSBA) and Co-Owner, F&D Apiaries, Theme: “Perspectives of Third Generation Beekeeper Providing Commercial Pollination Services”

Program Overview:

The Maryland State Beekeeper Association is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the advancement of beekeeping and the improvement of beekeeping skills in Maryland since 1908. The Association has been in close collaboration with the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service since its inception. The MSBA holds two types of meetings. Board meetings for elected officers which members are welcome to attend and contribute comments. General membership meetings featuring presentations by leading beekeepers, scientists, educators, and leaders in the field. It holds general meetings on Saturdays in February, June, and November of each year. MSBA meetings last a full day, include nationally-known and local speakers, and generally start with refreshments at 8:30 AM and last until 4 PM. Board meetings occur one month in advance of general meetings and are scheduled for two hours.

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