Africa’s Titans: Revealing the Women Transforming a Continent From Within, Episode 4 (2.9.21)

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  • Guest 1: Kimberly L. Fogg, Founder, Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) and Founder, Africa’s Titans
  • Guest 2:  HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Guest 3: HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria
  • Guest 4: HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria
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Program Summary:

The world-wide EmeraldPlanet International Foundation® movement is linking millions of professionals and citizens around the globe through a practical community-by-community identification, evaluation, broadcasting, and promotions weekly television program and selected The Emerald Mini-Treks®.

EmeraldPlanet International Foundation® has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet® global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks®, while creating The Emerald Mall® to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings.

WELCOME to join in this world-wide movement by watching The EmeraldPlanet TV® programs, participating in planning for and joining in various The Emerald Mini-Treks®, and linking your “best practices” to those in need on The Emerald Mall®. MANY BEST WISHES as together we create The EmeraldPlanet®…Dr. Sam Hancock

Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’: Kimberly L. Fogg, Founder, Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP) and Founder, “Africa’s Titans” representing Jeanne Sheila Uwivon, Founder, Women Farmers Enterprise Ubuntu HoneyBee and Second Runner-Up as “African Titan”, Theme: “Ubuntu HoneyBee Empowering the Most Vulnerable in Rwanda”
  • Show ‘2’: HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria; Theme: “Women Agriculturalists of the Ugwogo Nike Kingdom Leading the Way for a True ‘Green’ Food Production Evolution in Nigeria”
  • Show ‘3’: HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria, Theme: “Ugwogo Nike International Development Outreach, Inc. (UNIDO) Demonstrating Social Enterprise Approach to Agricultural Production”
  • Show ‘4’: HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu, Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria, Theme: “Future of Agricultural Development for the Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria, and the African Continent”

Program Overview:

Global Sustaining Partnerships is a 501(c)(3) Organization, Established in 2010. Its vision is to improve access to clean and safe drinking water for children in developing countries, as well as empower women with tools to help them break the cycle of poverty and improve the overall health and fiscal independence of their families. The major challenge is a child dies every 20 seconds from a water-related disease. Dirty water kills more children than AIDS, malaria & measles combined. GSP works at the ground level and has created a sustainable business model that has earned community support. GSP’s novel strategy worked – we ensured that the filters would take firm hold in the schools and GSP has installed more than 1,000 water filters in primary and secondary schools, households, orphanages, health dispensaries, and district hospitals in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

Jeanne Sheila Uwivon is the Founder of Women Farmers Enterprise which produces “Ubuntu HoneyBee” in Rwanda, East Africa. Women Farmers Enterprise is a socially responsible enterprise which produces and provides organic flavored honey (ginger, cinnamon, garlic, sesame, chilli, and peanut butter among its flavors, and banana honey wine. These organic locally women-owned businesses assist and support vulnerable teenage mothers, women with disabilities, and infected women with HIV/AIDS. Its mission is to empower most vulnerable women through life skills development, vocational training, while encouraging self confidence, self sufficiency, and group protection against sexual abuse. Its vision is to encourage more women in local Rwandan communities becoming bee farmers and expand the bee farming businesses to succeed at all market levels, i.e., local, national, and international.

The Kingdom of Ugwogo Nike is in Enugu East, Enugu State, Nigeria. It has borders with Nsukka, Ebonyi, and Enugu North. It is one of the state’s largest agricultural zones. The area features several tourist sites including Nikelake Hotels and local commercial areas. The Kingdom and the Enugu East region is comprised of 24 villages and smaller Kingdoms collaborating for expanded economic, agricultural, environmental, and community development projects and programs. The Kingdom is under the monarchical leadership of HRM Igwe Barr Emeka Ugwu and HRH Ugoeze Chinyere Ugwu.

The Kingdom is taking active leadership to greatly expand its agricultural production for Enugu State, country of Nigeria, and exports mainly into the European Union. Major agricultural products for local, national, and international consumption include, but not limited to: selected organic vegetables and fruit; cassava; cashews; plantain, among other major food items. Rubber is a new commercial production commodity seen as a boost to local manufacturing investments. Significant coal reserves are located within the Kingdom and non-polluting, agricultural-based products are being researched to be made from these reserves.

Major investments in organic agricultural production, harvesting, processing, packaging, and shipping are being made by The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) headquartered in Rome, Italy. IFAD is an international financial institution and a specialized agency of the United Nations. IFAD is dedicated to rural economic, environmental, education, health care, WASH, and renewable energy development among other related projects. IFAD directly impacts SDGs of ‘1’ and ‘2’ yet is interrelated with many of the other fifteen SDGs and one hundred sixty-nine [169] targets.

Thank You Production Crew and Program Team for your commitment, dedication, and goodwill as we continue to expand our “best practices” solutions identification and reporting in our second decade. We would like to acknowledge that equipment and facilities are provided by Fairfax Public Access, Fairfax, Virginia. We thank our many viewers, supporters, and the general public for weekly feedback, ideas, and suggestions as together we create The EmeraldPlanet®…Dr. Sam Hancock, Executive Producer, Creator & Host, The EmeraldPlanet TV®