“Homeowners Eliminating Electricity Bills, Generating Solar Energy, Creating New ‘Green’ Jobs; Protecting the Environment” (2.17.21)

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  • Guest 1: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables
  • Guest 2: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables
  • Guest 3: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables
  • Guest 4: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables

Program Summary:

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Our featured guest is:

  • Show ‘1’: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables, Theme: “-0- Electric Bills; -0- Costs”
  • Show ‘2’: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables, Theme: “How Solar Energy Replaces You Power Bill”
  • Show ‘3’: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables, Theme: “Step-by-Step Installation of Solar Energy Systems”
  • Show ‘4’: Benjamin Colbert, Founder & CEO, City Renewables, Theme: “Future of Solar Energy in the District of Columbia… and the U.S.”

Program Overview:

City Renewables under the leadership of CEO Benjamin (Ben) Colbert is dedicated to eliminating homeowners’ power bills.  Not only is the company collaborating with the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment to realize the various benefits of using renewable energy, but homeowners can also actually earn income from selling the home’s excess renewable power to the local utility company.  The homeowners become a contributor to reducing greenhouse gasses (GHGs) emissions into the atmosphere while effectively helping to slow, perhaps even reverse, long-term climate change.  City Renewables does all this based upon its absolute passion to install as many solar panels as possible within the District of Columbia to help District residents.  

The company and its CEO are recognized for helping area residents of various socio-economic backgrounds, regardless of their home’s location within the District, to gain full access to the numerous benefits of installing solar power.  Homeowners are assisted in taking advantage of the “Solar Renewable Energy Credits” (SRECs).  These are considered the best in the United States.  Such SRECs remain in high value at ~$400.00 per unit in the District due to the DOEE’s aggressive initiatives in the most friendly renewable energy city in the country.  There are three primary financial benefits that allow homeowners to generate new income from installing their solar panels.  These are:  1) Eliminate electric bills for twenty-five [25] years; 2) Collect Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC); and 3) Cash in the SRECs versus buying the solar production system outright by taking full ownership from installation. Each option needs to be considered seriously with expert advice as to which situation is best for the homeowner…

City Renewables works closely with homeowners along with local community associations, communities of faith, homeowners associations, NGOs, and the various representatives of the City Council to demonstrate how such homes go from a “cost center” to an “income center” earning a passive income stream. The typical city installation takes only five to six hours from home delivery of the panels to final clean-up of all debris with locally skilled installers leaving the premises. This process occurs once the solar energy system has been properly designed, fully discussed with the potential homeowner, the best financial arrangement for the homeowner has been agreed upon, and all appropriate Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) requirements and submissions have been electronically entered by the installing company and approved.  A final on-site inspection must be completed and registered so the homeowners can enjoy their zero [-0-] based electricity bills.  

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