“World-Class Platinum Capital City: Climate Change; LEED; & Livability” (4.14.21)

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  • Guest: T. H. Tommy Wells, Esq., Director (Washington D.C.) Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)

Program Summary:

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EmeraldPlanet International Foundation® has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet® global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks®, while creating The Emerald Mall® to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings.

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Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’:  T.H. Tommy Wells, Esq., Director (Washington D. C.) Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), Theme: “Climate Change & Livability in the District”
  • Show ‘2’:  T. H. Tommy Wells, Esq., Director (Washington D. C.) Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), Theme:  “Resilient D.C.”
  • Show ‘3’:  T.H. Tommy Wells, Esq., Director (Washington D. C.) Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), Theme: “Climate Ready D.C.”
  • Show ‘4’: T.H. Tommy Wells, Esq., Director (Washington D. C.) Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), Theme:   “Sustainability D.C.”

Program Overview:

The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) is the leading authority on energy and environmental issues affecting the District of Columbia. Using a combination of regulations, outreach, education, and incentives, our agency administers programs and services to fulfill our mission. We work collaboratively with other government agencies, residents, businesses, and institutions to promote environmentally responsible behavior that will lead to a more sustainable urban environment.

DOEE’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents and natural inhabitants of the nation’s capital by protecting and restoring the environment, conserving our natural resources, mitigating pollution, increasing access to clean and renewable energy, and educating the public on ways to secure a sustainable future.  DOEE envisions a nation’s capital that sets the standard for environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. Energy and Environmental Equity: We believe that all District residents should be afforded the same ability to live and enjoy the natural world immediately around them, and to have access to clean and affordable energy, regardless of race, gender, national origin, or income.

DOEE has about 300 engineers, biologists, toxicologists, geologists, technicians, inspectors, environmental specialists, policy analysts, administrators, public outreach specialists, and support staff. Among their many responsibilities are issuing permits, monitoring environmental conditions, providing funding and technical assistance, assessing environmental risks, developing policies, inspecting facilities, enforcing environmental regulations, working with other entities to solve everyday environmental issues, and informing and educating the public on local environmental trends and their benefits.

The DOEE team promotes public and environmental health by implementing and enforcing District and Federal laws and regulations. We recognize that strong and healthy communities are central to the District’s economic prosperity, and work daily to protect the environment in which its people live, work and play.

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