Providing Clean Potable Water While Addressing Legacy Water Processing and Distribution Systems in Older American Cities with Leading-Edge Technologies [03.13.16]


Joseph Timothy (Tim) Nippes, President, RePipe4710™, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

Dana Hoffer, Executive Vice President, RePipe4710™”, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Matt Wassam, Vice President Western USA, Aqua-Pipe, Sanexen Water, Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Jose Colucci Rios, B.S., CH.E., Professor (Ret.), University of Puerto Rico 

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Program Summary

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Our featured guests are:

· Show ‘1’:  Joseph Timothy (Tim) Nippes, President, RePipe4710™, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (In Studio) and “Special Guest” In-Studio Skype Back-Up” for Show ‘2’;

· Show ‘2’:  Dana Hoffer, Executive Vice President, RePipe4710™”, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (By Skype)*;

· Show ‘3’:  Matt Wassam, Vice President Western USA, Aqua-Pipe, Sanexen Water, Inc., Littleton, Colorado (By Skype)*; and

· Show ‘4’:  Matt Wassam, Vice President Western USA, Aqua-Pipe, Sanexen Water, Inc., Littleton, Colorado (By Skype)*, with

“Special Guest” Dr. Jose Colucci Rios, B.S., CH.E., Professor (Ret.), University of Puerto Rico for shows ‘3’ and ‘4’.

Program Overview:

RePipe4710™ is a pipeline replacement process that can become the value standard of water infrastructure replacement, costing up to twenty-five to thirty percent [25 to 30%] less than other methods. RePipe 4710 is made of high density polyethylene PE 4710. It conforms to National Sanitation Foundation, American Water Works Association, and American Society of Testing and Materials standards for potable water. In the last decade, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) estimated US$247.5 billion will be required over a twenty year period to replace water transmission and distribution mains.  In order to meet this need, innovative and scalable solutions are essential. RePipe 4710 is such a solution.  

On average there are 850 water main breaks in the United States every day.  The monetary repair cost exceeds US$25 billion annually and there are innumerable associated social costs.  An additional US$3 billion is lost each year from leaking pipes.  These costly breaks and leaks can be directly attributable to pipe material degradation over the past one hundred years.  In addition, the interior of unlined cast iron mains suffers from a buildup called tuberculation which restricts water flow necessary for public safety and can provide a surface for biofilms to form.  These problems present an opportunity for an innovative solution.  RePipe4710™ is an active company in providing such a solution at a cost competitive price. 

For many years structural rehabilitation of water mains was strictly available in the gas and sewer industries. A decade ago, Sanexen Services Environnementaux Inc. of Canada developed a structural liner called “Aqua-Pipe®” for the rehabilitation of drinking water mains.  “Aqua-Pipe®” is a proven economical and viable alternative to issues related to drinking water mains where, in the past, the only solution was to dig and replace.  Aqua-Pipe®/USA is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado. 

City, town, and county managers and engineers from public water works departments or private water works companies have many critical decision to make when the following issues are faced with local water mains.  These are, but not limited to: 1) Loss of structural capacity (water pressure, live or dead load); 2) Numerous pipe breaks or high rate of leakage; 3) Loss of important hydraulic capacity in addition to structural problems; and/or 4) Water quality problems in addition to structural problems. 

AQUA-PIPE® is a trenchless technology and therefore greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the project. AQUA-PIPE®’s GHG emissions have been quantified according to international standards. It has been determined that for each mile of renewed pipe, AQUA-PIPE® reduces GHG emissions by 378 tons or 84% compared to traditional open cut replacement. These quantities do not include GHG savings due to other impacts such as traffic detours and increased vehicle idling that are commonly observed using the traditional open-cut replacement.

Aqua-Pipe® is a structural liner designed and manufactured with mechanical properties that exceed all specifications and meet drinking water requirements.  Aqua-Pipe® is is certified by Underwriters laboratory (UL) BNQ3660-950, NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, and WRAS approved product (BS6920).  Aqua-Pipe® adds years of service life to water distribution systems by:  Increasing pressure and flow capacity; Adding corrosion resistance; and Regaining structural capacity.  Aqua-Pipe®  has installed 2.6 million linear feet [760,000 linear meters] in North America with a successful track record.  The pipe liner is available from six [6] inches [15.24 cm] to twenty-four [24] inches [60.96 cm] diameters.

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