Education, Jobs, and Community Technical Services–New Directions and Opportunities for Local High School Students and Adult Learners through Career and Professional Development. [11.06.17][The EmeraldPlanet TV Special Program on The Inside Scoop]


  • Guest 1: Khari Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Partners for Education,
  • Guest 2: Brad Jensema, Director, Development and Communications, Capital Partners for Education, 
  • Guest 3: Harold Redden, Chair, Automotive Dealers Education Institute and General Manager, Fitzgerald Auto Mall,
  • Guest 4: Steven D. Boden, Supervisor, Automotive Trades Foundation, Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Creator and Host: Dr. Samuel Lee Hancock, CM, Creator and Host of this EmeraldPlanet TV Special Program on The Inside Scoop
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Program Summary:

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EmeraldPlanet International Foundation has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks, while creating The Emerald Mall to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings..

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Program Overview:

Overview…Shows ‘1’ and ‘2’:

Capital Partners for Education (CPE) provides one-to-one mentoring and college and career readiness programming to low-income students who are enrolled in 19 Washington, D.C.-area high schools (including D.C. public and charter schools) and more than 70 colleges and universities across the country. CPE helps its students graduate from high school and college with the skills and experiences needed to thrive in sustainable careers.  Over the past ten years, 97 percent of CPE students who graduate high school enroll in college and graduate at more than double the rate of their similarly-situated peers.

By 2020, roughly 65% of all new high growth, high-wage jobs in the Washington, D.C. area will require a college degree, and earning potential is nearly double, on average, for college graduates vs. non-college graduates (Georgetown Public Policy Institute). Nationally 9% of low-income students earn a college degree compared to 77% of high-income students. Without this credential, low-income students cannot access the high-wage, high-growth jobs required to break the multi-generational cycle of poverty.   Based upon this reality Capital Partners for Education (CPE) mentors low-income high school and college students in the academic middle from the Washington, D.C. area to provide the skills and experiences they need to successfully complete college and to excel in the workforce.

Capital Partners for Education (CPE) mentors low-income students in the Washington, DC area through high school, college completion, and into long-term careers.  CPE offers a continuum of service to help its high school students prepare, apply, enroll, and access financial support for college and prepare its college students with the soft skills and experiences needed to thrive in the modern workforce.  The CPE program begins in the 9th grade and runs through high school, college completion, and entry into sustainable careers.

Overviews…Shows ‘3’ and ‘4’:

The Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA) is comprised of 270 corporate members, which consists of new automobile dealerships as well as “Kindred-line” or contractor businesses that service auto dealerships. The WANADA organization consists of a non-profit association, WANADA Business Services Corporation, Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI), WANADA Community Support Foundation, WANADA Insurance Services and The Washington Auto Show.  With an over 100 year history in Washington, D.C. and surrounding regions WANADA is a premier professional organization of the automotive industry,

The Automobile Dealer Education Institute scholarship is a free, National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) certified, 2-year technician-training program that combines structured classroom, automotive shop, and interactive curriculum teaching with full time, paid on-the-job training.  Founded in 1983 as an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3)organization, the mission of NATEF is to improve the quality of automotive technician training programs nationwide at secondary and post-secondary, public and proprietary schools. To accomplish this mission NATEF examines the structure, resources, and quality of training programs and evaluates them against standards established by the industry.  These standards reflect the skills that students must master to be successful in the industry.   NATEF also works with students to increase career awareness opportunities in the automotive repair industry.

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