Propane: Reducing GHG Emissions; Increasing Energy Efficiency; Lowering Fuel and Maintenance Costs; While Protecting the Environment as a Bridge Fuel to a Carbon-Neutral Energy Future [7.14.19]

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  • Guest 1: Ira H. Dorfman, Executive Director, Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC)
  • Guest 2: Thomas (Tucker) E. Perkins, Jr., President & CEO, Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)
  • Guest 3: Ellis L. Chapman, Branch Manager, Blossman Gas & Alliance AutoGas
  • Guest 4: Randall (Randy) Jubb, President, Jubb’s Bus Service
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Program Summary:

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Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ‘1’: Ira H. Dorfman, Executive Director, Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC), (In Studio & Skype Back Up) “Special Guest”*, Theme: “Dramatic Changes in Cleaner Energy Sources and Policies to Address Environmental Quality Issues and Negative Climate Change Impacts”
  • Segment ‘2’: Thomas (Tucker) E. Perkins, Jr., President & CEO, Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), (By Skype)*, Theme: “Propane Gas in a World Wanting Cleaner and Renewable Energy Sources Balance”
  • Segment ‘3’: Ellis L. Chapman, Branch Manager, Blossman Gas & Alliance AutoGas, (In-Studio), Theme: “Propane, Small Engines, Fuel Economy, and Reducing Negative Environmental Impacts in Local Communities”
  • Segment ‘4’: Randall (Randy) Jubb, President, Jubb’s Bus Service, (In-Studio), Theme: “Ease of Transition from Diesel too Propane Fuel Lowering Schools Transportation Costs, Reducing GHG Emissions, with Cleaner Air Quality for Children and Schools”

Program Overview:
Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC) is a public-private partnership in the greater Washington region, promoting the use of clean, American produced transportation fuels for homeland security and improved air quality. There are nearly 90 coalitions around the country. Since its inception in 1993, Clean Cities and its stakeholders have displaced more than 2 billion gallons of fossil fuel petroleum.

Its stakeholders are Washington National Capital Region government jurisdictions, the Council of Governments, regional planning authorities, trade associations, private companies, and concerned citizens. All these constituents have a common interest to encourage the expanded use of new automotive technology to replace gasoline and diesel fuels for a cleaner transportation future.

The organization’s focus is upon, but not limited to: 1) Convenient and free where possible electric charging locations for electric vehicles; 2) Reducing, even eliminating, the negative and harmful health impacts of diesel exhaust from school buses, at pedestrian crossings, and in neighborhoods; 3) Using clean natural gas or propane in buses and garbage trucks; 4) Using bio-fuels and propane wherever possible in as many varieties, sizes, uses, and types of vehicles either on land or water; 5) Expanding the future acceptance and use of fuel cell vehicles; and 6) Providing on-going, extensive, and expansive public education and outreach; among other programs, projects, and activities.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) invests in the development of the engines for all sizes, weights, uses, and distances for personal, long-haul, gardening and lawn care, school and passenger busses, over land vehicles, as well as on rivers, and across vast oceans. The organization is constantly developing, updating, and revising training for the technicians who maintain individual automobiles, service fleets, recreational vehicles, and maintenance equipment for parks, yards, and farms. PERC helps Americans find new ways to use clean American propane at home, at work, on the road, on the farm, in national parks, and everywhere else needing portable, reliable, clean, and inexpensive 100% American energy.

Nation-wide examples of operating school buses on propane include: Boston Public Schools switched to propane buses, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and made the environment cleaner and quieter for children, teachers, and neighbors. Omaha Public Schools replaced 500 diesel school buses with buses that run on propane autogas. The school division saved the equivalent of four [4] teachers’ salaries in operating costs in just its first year. After Indianapolis Public Schools started using propane buses, drivers loved how the buses warmed up quickly on cold mornings.

Blossman Gas was founded as a family business in 1951 and independence is at its core. This independence allows it to remain agile, to build new gas service business, while allocating substantial resources to market innovations along with Research and Development efforts. Through its 60 plus-year history, Blossman has proven ability to focus on market-leading customer service while investing in new market-building technologies, including autogas, mowers, generators, tankless water heaters, and micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP).

Blossman also leads the way in promoting propane-powered lawn equipment, which (like autogas vehicles) has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an emissions-heavy service industry. The company helped develop, launch, and grow the tremendous market for propane-powered backup generators. It assisted in the development of “Power Now” generator applications, which provide a seamless transition from immediate-use platforms to permanent installation. Since 1983, Blossman has worked with Rinnai to launch and market propane-powered tankless water heaters in the U.S. Micro CHP technology allows for efficient onsite electrical-power generation while providing waste-fueled heat to enhance payback efficiencies. Combined with multiple fuel source offerings (propane, natural gas, methane), these units provide commercial grade electricity to residential, industrial, and utility applications.

Alliance AutoGas is America’s only complete program to shift fleets to autogas-a cleaner, more affordable, American-made alternative fuel. Autogas fuel is consistently less expensive than gasoline and diesel. Autogas vehicles don’t require the same expensive repairs and replacement parts compared to other fuel vehicles. Autogas is among the lowest total carbon emissions fuels, showing approximately 30% reduction in emissions versus gasoline or diesel. Stop sending money overseas for foreign oil. 100% of our autogas is produced in North America. Support American domestic economy and create American jobs with a fuel made right here in the U.S.A.

Jubb’s Bus Service is a fourth generation family business. Transporting Anne Arundel and Howard County students too and from school since 1927. It fleet consists of approximately ninety [90] school buses with twenty percent of the fleet propane. Jubb’s additionally transports for athletic teams, outdoor education programs, and various other educational activities.

It were the first contractor in Maryland to buy and operate a propane school bus. Its fleet is gradually expanding its propane fueled buses reducing GHS emissions, protecting the environment, using 100% U.S. manufactured propane fuel, safer to operate, and reduces any noxious fumes from harming students, school faculty members, or parents. Jubb’s Bus Service provides charter buses and school buses for rent. The charter buses accommodate 56 passengers and feature on-board DVD players and restrooms. The 44-passenger school buses can be rented on weekends when schools are not in session.

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