The Future of Sustainable Water Management, A Comprehensive Implementation Program ~ Episode II [7.28.19]

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  • Guest 1: Dr. Donald D. Carpenter, PE, Leed AP, Vice President, Drummond Carpenter
  • Guest 2: Lee Mullon, PE, CFM, D.WRE, Principal Engineer, Drummond Carpenter
  • Guest 3: W. Scott Gorneau, National Manager – Stormwater Systems, Convergent Water Technologies
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Program Summary:

The world-wide EmeraldPlanet International Foundation movement is linking millions of professionals and citizens around the globe through a practical community-by-community identification, evaluation, broadcasting, and promotions weekly television program and selected The Emerald Mini-Treks.

EmeraldPlanet International Foundation has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks, while creating The Emerald Mall to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings..

WELCOME to join in this world-wide movement by watching The EmeraldPlanet TV programs, participating in planning for and joining in various The Emerald Mini-Treks, and linking your “best practices” to those in need on The Emerald Mall. MANY BEST WISHES as together we create The EmeraldPlanet…Dr. Sam Hancock

Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ‘1’: Dr. Donald D. Carpenter, PE, Leed AP, Vice President, Drummond Carpenter, (By Skype)*; Theme: “Repairing the Urban Water Cycle”
  • Segment ‘2’: Lee Mullon, PE, CFM, D.WRE, Principal Engineer, Drummond Carpenter, (By Skype)*; Theme: “Florida: A Water-Rich State with Significant Water Quality Challenges”
  • Segment ‘3’: W. Scott Gorneau, National Manager – Stormwater Systems, Convergent Water Technologies, (By Skype)*; Theme: “Highlighting Innovative Stormwater ‘Best Practices’ for Sustainable Environmental Design”
  • Segment ‘4’: W. Scott Gorneau, National Manager – Stormwater Systems, Convergent Water Technologies, (By Skype)*, Theme: “The Future of Innovation, Sustainability, and Reliability ‘Best Practices’ for Stormwater Management”

Program Overview:

Drummond Carpenter, PLLC specializes in environmental and water resources, technical services, and applied research. Drummond Carpenter is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in Florida and Michigan. Drummond Carpenter is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) by the Small Business Administration and the State of Florida. Corporate principals are licensed professional engineers in Florida and Michigan and have completed projects across the country.

President Chad Drummond PE, D.WRE, BCEE served in the United States Navy from 1989 to 1993 including a tour in the Gulf War aboard the USS Vreeland. He also served on the USS Elmer Montgomery working in shipboard engineering. Mr. Drummond’s consulting career started in 1995, and from 2008 to 2016 Mr. Drummond worked for a leading, mid-sized AE consulting firm where he served in corporate-level leadership roles in water resources and contaminant assessment and remediation.

Donald D. Carpenter, PhD, PE, LEED AP serves as Vice President of Water Resources. Dr. Carpenter has been a professor of civil engineering at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan since 2001 and currently directs the Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute. From 2004 to 2016 he served as a senior technical consultant for a environmental and water resources firm and also was sole proprietor of a firm that focused on engineering research and technology application.

Convergent Water Technologies is delivering ‘next generation’ LID technologies that enable new applications and raise the bar on performance, cost effectiveness, and verification. Next generation stormwater solutions shed the limitation of the past.
Applying innovation to stormwater solutions cost effectively, are core values for Convergent Water Technologies product development. With sustainable site design and low impact development practices as guiding principles, our high performance technologies create products and systems that mimic and protect the natural environment, while driving down the cost of meeting ever increasing environmental regulations.

Not content with the old model, it creates sustainable stormwater solutions to effectively manage stormwater runoff and improve stormwater quality. At the same time, Convergent Water Technologies brings: Quality Assurance; Consistency; Quality Control; Performance Verification; and Measurable Results.

Thank You Production Crew and Program Team for your commitment, dedication, and goodwill as we continue to expand our “best practices” solutions identification and reporting in our second decade. We would like to acknowledge that equipment and facilities are provided by Fairfax Public Access, Fairfax, Virginia. We thank our many viewers, supporters, and the general public for weekly feedback, ideas, and suggestions as together we create The EmeraldPlanet….Dr. Sam Hancock, Creator & Host, The EmeraldPlanet TV