Comprehensive Silvopasture Farming for Soil Health, Carbon Sequestration, with Stormwater Capture, Processing, and Storage Practices [10.27.20]

Guest: Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm

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Program Summary:

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Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’: Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm, Theme: “Enhancing Soil Health with Water Management Through Keylines”
  • Show ‘2’: Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm, Theme: “Integrating Livestock, Forages, and Forestry for Improved Production in a Silvopasture”
  • Show ‘3’: Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm, Theme: “Rotational Grazing of Livestock to Improve Production and Enhance the Environment”
  • Show ‘4’: Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm, Theme: “Strategies for Healthier Soil”

Program Overview:

Keith Ohlinger, Owner, Porch View Farm wanted to create a Garden of Eden that was bursting with life, economically profitable, and regenerative to the environment. His family had come to the British American colonies in 1741 and been farming as far back as his family could trace into Germany for over 400 years. Keith’s farm is in Woodbine, MD, Howard County, about halfway between Baltimore and Frederick.

On his farm, Keith practices silvopasture, in which trees, animals, and forage for animals are integrated in a system to be part of the water cycle and increase soil health. This increases the health of the food produced in addition to catching runoff and storing carbon. Keith pays close attention to what is working around the world and based upon his Pennsylvania Dutch background and knowledge of what the Amish and Mennonite farming communities have created he formulated a new vision of modern-day farming practices. Today many call his vision: regenerative agriculture; permaculture; or sustainable agriculture.

An example of a silvopasture practice is a farmer dividing pasture land into smaller paddocks and having the livestock intensely graze each paddock before moving to the next. Grazing gives an impetus to pasture grasses to start a new growth period. Thorough grazing of a paddock provides this impetus uniformly to the entire paddock. Cycling among the paddocks gives each paddock enough time for pasture plants and soil to recover and allows pasture grasses time to achieve maximum growth both above ground and the underground root structure. This method of grazing is sometimes called “mob intensive grazing” or “holistic planned grazing.

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