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Babcock & Wilcox Company is we have more than 140 years of experience, a passion for innovation and a dedication to serving our customers. Our vision, mission and values set us apart. They inspire us to achieve more and serve as the guiding principles for how we will operate our business now and into the future. We are the preferred global leader, excelling in the delivery of advanced energy and operational solutions.

URL: www.babcock.com

Baby Steps 2 Health understands that its goal is to help people reach their health and wellness goals with little, baby steps – one at a time. It provides interesting health information, tips, articles, news and videos that will show people little things they can do to get big results.

URL: http://www.babysteps2health.com


Baltimore-Washington Electric Vehicle Initiative (BEVI) is a non-profit public-private partnership founded in 2007 to advance the use of zero-emission electric vehicles. Established in Baltimore, BEVI currently serves the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

URL: http://www.b-evi.net/


Battle for the Elephants2

Battle for the Elephants, a National Geographic film, explores the brutal slaughter of African elephants for their tusks, fueled largely by China’s demand for ivory. The film tells the story of how this charismatic and majestic land animal today faces market forces driving the value of its tusks to levels once reserved for gold.

URL: http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/battle-for-elephants/?ar_a=1


Baylor University is a private, Christian-affiliated research university located in Waco, Texas. Founder in 1845, Baylor is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Baylor is known for its programs in business, law, music, philosophy, theology, and science.

URL: http://www.baylor.edu/


BBI International produces globally recognized bio-energy events and trade magazines. BBI ownes and operates the largest, longest-running ethanol conference in the world. The company publishes Biomass Magazine, Ethanol Producer Magazine, Biodiesel Magazine, and Industrial GHG Solutions, as well as a number of ancillary products including maps, directories, e-newsletter and other web-based industry resources.

URL: http://www.bbibiofuels.com/


Beacon Power Corporation is a global leader in the development and commercialization of flywheel-based energy storage solutions for grid-scale frequency regulation services and other utility-scale and unitary energy storage applications. Our goal is to use our environmentally sound flywheel technology to deliver superior performance at lower cost, and generate long-term value for our Company, our stakeholders, and society. With today’s urgent need for clean energy solutions that do not burn fossil fuel, Beacon Power is well positioned to provide sustainable solutions for a broad range of energy-balancing applications in multiple global markets.

URL: www.beaconpower.com

Bechtel Power Corporation logo

Bechtel Power Corporation is the world’s No. 1 choice for engineering, construction, and project management. Our diverse portfolio encompasses energy, transportation, communications, mining, oil and gas, and government services. We currently have projects in dozens of locations worldwide, from Alaska to Australia. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are Bechtel can handle it. That’s because we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job.

URL: http://www.bechtel.com/

berkley springs international water tasting logo

The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting celebrates 25 years of welcoming waters from across the country and around the globe. Held at the Country Inn in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, it is the largest and longest running water tasting competition in the world. More than 700 distinct waters have entered over the life of the event coming from all over the United States and from as far away as Greece, New Zealand and Korea.

URL: http://www.berkeleysprings.com



Beryl’s World was founded in 1929 and comprises over 1,100 joint ventures, 110 consortia, and 21 companies devoted to Multi-Media/Direct Response Marketing. Beryl Wolk is the founder of Beryl’s World.

URL: http://www.berylsworld.com/index.cfm


Bestnet is built on solid industry expertise. Bestnet’s founders have extensive industry expertise including vast experience within the field of long lasting insecticide incorporated mosquito nets. This extensive experience is combined with years of close contact and consultation with most non-governmental organisations, UN agencies, ministries of health, scientists at leading universities and many other organisations within the world of tropical health.Throughout the world, Bestnet’s personnel are dedicated to providing service promptly and accurately to meet the needs of our customers.

URL: http://www.bestneteurope.com


Bethesda Green is a public-private partnership that promotes sustainable growth and sustainable living practices. It seeks to bring together business, government and the community to create a dynamic model of sustainable living right here in Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda Green created the first green business incubator in Montgomery County and helps individuals lead greener lives as well.

URL: www.BethesdaGreen.org

Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse believes that the fastest, easiest, most direct route to a clean and healthy environment is to shift our spending to environmentally-safe, socially responsible products and services. Also it has learned from experience that when we do, we save money, not just once, but over and over again.

URL: http://www.biggreenpurse.com


BIODISK Corporation is in business to provide cost effective and reliable wastewater treatment services to communities, mining camps, construction camps, remote areas. BIODISK Corp., is an industrial leader specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of wastewater treatment facilities utilizing rotating biological contactors (RBCs). The corporation has vast global experience with the successful installation of over two thousand treatment facilities at sites in Canada, USA, South America and the Far East.

URL: http://www.biodisk.ca/


Biodiversity for a Livable Climate was founded in 2013 by Jim Laurie, Karl Thidemann, Helen D. Silver, Jane Hammer and Adam Sacks.  We saw an urgent need to expand the climate conversation to include the seriously underestimated positive impacts of the biosphere on the climate and physical world.  We see how appropriate human approaches to nature may be able to reverse the effects of global warming despite our inability to date to reduce emissions in a timely manner.  Our goal is to contribute to planetary regeneration through research, education, collaboration and action to restore essential global biodiversity.

URL: http://bio4climate.org/


Biorock, also known as Seacrete or Seament, is a trademark name used by Biorock, Inc. to refer to the substance formed by electro-accumulation of minerals dissolved in seawater. Prof. Wolf Hilbertz developed the process and patented it in 1979. The building process, popularly called accretion, is not to be confused with Biorock sewage treatment. It works by passing a small electrical current through electrodes in the water. The structure grows more or less without limit as long as current flows.

URL: http://www.biorock.net


The University of Arizona’s “Biosphere 2” is one of the world’s most unique facilities dedicated to the research and understanding of global scientific issues. The Biosphere 2 facility serves as a laboratory for controlled scientific studies, an arena for scientific discovery and discussion, and a far-reaching provider of public education. Its mission is to serve as a center for research, outreach, teaching, and life-long learning about Earth, its living systems, and its place in the universe; to catalyze interdisciplinary thinking and understanding about Earth and its future; to be an adaptive tool for Earth education and outreach to industry, government, and the public; and to distill issues related to Earth systems planning and management for use by policymakers, students, and the public.

URL: http://biosphere2.org

BluPath Design works closely with clients to design simple, elegant and environmentally sensitive spaces that inspire. They believe that beauty is fundamental to sustainable design and seek out mission-driven clients and design to help our clients and communities thrive. Sustainable design practices are standard practice at BluPath; from site strategies, sourcing renewable and local, healthy and durable products to incorporating water and energy conservation practices. They keep pace with cost effective best practices in sustainable materials and strategies, holistically incorporating water, energy and material resource conservation.

URL: https://blupath.us


The Bracane Company was founded in 2002 . Bracane Company has a  primary focus to increase the awareness of the minority community to the benefits of clincial reasearch and to dispel the myths commonly associated with clinical trials. Since its inception in 2002, Bracane Company has grown to provide services within and outside of the medical field.

URL: http://www.bracaneco.com/

Brief Relief

Brief Relief provides users a safe and sanitary alternative to a bathroom facility. With our specially designed, patented bags for urine and solid waste, the inconvenience of finding suitable facilities is gone. Its line of products also provides portable commodes and privacy shelters for a completely mobile facility.

URL: http://www.briefrelief.com

Brickyard Educational Farm

Brickyard Educational Farm used to operate on 20-acres of publically owned Montgomery County school board land. It is hoping to regain a lease on this property once the school board puts the land back up for lease proposals. Brickyard Educational Farm is a project of a local nonprofit, The Chesapeake Institute, that strives to improve the Chesapeake Bay watershed through the practice and education of sustainable agriculture. Brickyard Educational Farm’s philosophy is that hands-on, environmental and agricultural education experiences are components of a well-rounded education for children and adults to lead healthier lives and improve their natural environment.

URL: http://brickyardeducationalfarm.org 


 Bridge Arts as a company is fully focusing on ALL Creative types, (IE: Traditional Artists, Digital Artists, Interior Designers, Architects,) and not just one specific demographic. Bridge/arts believes that art is the connective tissue for life. This is the reason for the work they do: supporting practicing artists in creating intentional socially- and community-engaged arts projects that aim in providing access to the arts in overlooked communities. They support artists by providing administrative and project management services, in addition to vision, engagement strategies, and acting as a connector between the artists and community stakeholders.

URL: http://bridgearts.com/

Bridge to Health Medical and Dental is comprised of a passionate group of professionals brought together by a common desire to provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. BTH provides sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner to rural under-serviced populations in collaboration with local partners. Another major focus is education, training, and Train-the-Trainer Certifications for local healthcare providers and patients creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

URL: https://www.bridgetohealth.ca

The Brigham Young University Department of Mechanical Engineering consists of 28 faculty members, 12 full-time staff, over 1,200 undergraduate students, and 130 graduate students. It is a collaborative community where all faculty, staff, and students strive for excellence in teaching, learning, and discovery. Faculty and students work together to learn the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering through classroom and laboratory settings. They also work together to conduct leading research where the aim is to discover new knowledge and processes and to design new devices, processes, and products which will lead to improvements in the modern world.

URL: https://me.byu.edu/

Brown Automotive Group2

Brown Automotive Group represents all major franchises and has 25 locations in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Its goal is to provide a pleasant car buying and service experience. It strives to provide straightforward information that answers the customer’s needs first and results in satisfied and loyal clients.

URL: http://www.brownscar.com


BSH Home Appliances Corporation (BSH), headquartered in Irvine, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group based in Munich, Germany. BSH is the world’s third largest leading manufacturer of high-end appliances and sells under the Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau brands in the U.S.

URL: https://www.bsh-group.com


 Bug Vivant LLC was founded in July of 2014 to make gourmet edible insects more accessible to the Western world.  Though public interest in edible insects is growing, edible insect resources are scattered across the web.  BV provides a culinary hub for this growing community, connecting curious foodies and insect experts alike.  We make cooking with insects approachable and enjoyable and supply you the information you need to embrace a whole new world of culinary flavors and textures.

URL: http://bugvivant.com/

Business Connect

 Business Connect is what is called a social enterprise.  We are a for profit company with a triple bottom line: 1) Profit, 2) Social and economic impact, and 3) embracing and promoting environmental life enhancing products.  We have four full time and two part time staff.  Lou Haveman, the founder, with his wife have lived in Africa for 22 years.  They initiated nine programs in six countries.

URL: https://businessconnectworld.com/


Bywater is an international management firm providing Strategic Service; such as performance improvement, strategic planning, and cost containment, and Corporate Growth Service; such as acquisitions and divestitures, merger integration and new product development.

URL: http://www.bywaterpartners.com/

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