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Jobenomics (Jobs + economics) deals with the process of creating and mass-producing small businesses and jobs. Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate creation of 20 million net new U.S. jobs within a decade. The Movement has a following of 20 million people. Jobenomics regularly updates its six books and hundreds comprehensive reports for its members to keep current on the latest national and international economic, business and workforce development issues, trends and solutions. blog/website had 6 million hits in the last 12-months, a growth rate of 400% over the previous year, which is indicative of the high level of interest in Jobenomics and its Movement.

Jobenomics also provides advice and timely data to policy- and decision-makers worldwide. Over the last few years, Jobenomics met with over 1,000 government, business and community leaders and incorporated the best of their ideas and requirements in to Jobenomics initiatives and programs. Today, a dozen cities and states have started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders. Another dozen are in the pipeline. These initiatives focus on citizens at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with emphasis on women, minorities, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to work or start a business. While Jobenomics is designed as an American business and job creation movement, there is significant interest from Asian, Middle East and African nations to start similar movements.image001

Key Focus Areas. While Jobenomics supports big business and government job creation efforts, its principal focus is on highly-scalable small and self-employed businesses that employ 80% of all Americans and produced 80% of all new jobs this decade. Jobenomics is working with numerous national organizations to implement Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generators to mass-produce startup businesses. Special focus areas include: Digital Economy, Next Generation Energy Systems, Workforce Education and Training, Welfare to Workfare, Urban Restoration, Urban Mining, Contingency Workers, Green Jobs, Indoor Farming and numerous policy and technology analyses.

National-Level Initiatives. Jobenomics is leading four national-level initiatives; Energy Technology Revolution, Network Technology Revolution, Urban Mining and Rural/Urban Micro Farming. These initiatives could create tens of millions net new American jobs and billions globally.

  • The 160-page Jobenomics Energy Technology Revolution report addresses emerging energy technologies, processes and systems that will transform the global energy mix and create tens of millions of net new U.S. jobs. Communities that have an ETR strategy will claim the bulk of these jobs and to make their communities to be much more energy efficient and affordable.
  • The 200-page Network Technology Revolution report addresses next generation network and digital technologies that will transform economies and the way we live, work and play. The NTR could produce tens of millions of net new U.S. jobs and millions of small businesses. On the other hand, via automation, the NTR has the potential to obsolete tens of millions of existing U.S. jobs.
  • Jobenomics’ Urban Mining initiative helps communities monetize waste streams to create jobs and businesses. As part of this initiative, Jobenomics established eCyclingUSA ( to implement turnkey plants to reclaim high value metals from electronic waste streams and use profits to fund Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generators. Detailed plans are available.
  • Jobenomics is partnered with ACTS Freedom Farms ( produce 25,000 highly-scalable U.S. micro-farms, employing over 100,000 new U.S. jobs in the next five years. These micro-farms feature state-of-the-art hydroponic and vertical agricultural technology in a controlled environment to grow high-quality organic agricultural products. Comprehensive plans are available.

Contact Information: Charles D. (Chuck) Vollmer, Founder, Email:, Website:, Telephone: 703-319-2090, Office, P.O. Box 2182, Vienna, Virginia USA 2218

Charles D. Vollmer, “Chuck”

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Mr. Vollmer is the author and founder of Jobenomics, which deals with the economics of business and job creation. The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate creation of 20 million net new U.S. jobs within a decade. The Movement has a following of over 20 million people. Jobenomics has six books and produces quarterly employment and unemployment reports on economic, business and workforce development. Jobenomics national-level initiatives include the Energy Technology Revolution, Network Technology Revolution, Urban Mining and Urban Agriculture. had 6 million hits in the last 12-months, a growth rate of 400% over the last year. Today, over a dozen cities and states have started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders. These initiatives focus on people at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with emphasis on women, minorities, youth, veterans and citizens who want to work or start a business.

Mr. Vollmer is the CEO of eCyclingUSA, which is part of Jobenomics Urban Mining to reclaim high-value materials from electronic waste items and use the proceeds to finance highly-scalable startup businesses. He is the Vice Chairman of ACTS Freedom Farms Advisory Board, an organization dedicated to producing 25,000 veteran-owned U.S. micro-farms employing 100,000 people in the next five years. As a Board Member of Emerald-Planet, he is helping to identify the 1,000 best practices pertaining to green business and job creation. Jobenomics is a strategic partner with The Hope Collection, a non-profit organization that identifies and supplies training and financial resources to support projects that provide “substantial and sustainable social and economic growth”.

In 1996 to present, Mr. Vollmer founded VII Inc., a strategic planning, systems engineering and investment capital firm specializing in government and business initiatives. VII’s clients include major domestic and international government agencies and corporations. Mr. Vollmer regularly works with U.S. Congress, Department of Defense and government officials. He authored the US Air Force’s VECTORS and Global Information Operations efforts, the National Guard’s VANGUARD campaign, and the Rapid Dominance and Shock & Awe concepts. Corporations include numerous Fortune 50 companies. He also helps innovators and entrepreneurs start small businesses. VII Enterprise Solutions designed and maintained data networks for 20 U.S. Passport Agency data centers.

From 1999 to 2007, Mr. Vollmer was under contract to the U.S. Central Command to assist moderate Arab leaders to develop strategies and operational concepts for coalition building regarding the war on terror. In this capacity, he developed several hundred U.S./Arab strategy and policy documents and led twelve symposia in the Middle East attended by officials in the Arab Gulf, Europe and the United States. Four additional symposia dealt with international Information Operations, Computer Network Defense, Network Centric Warfare and C4ISR. He frequently lectures on the MidEast, Islam, Arabs and cooperative engagement. He is on the Advisory Board of the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, a nonprofit dedicated to conflict prevention and resolution.

From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Vollmer was a Partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton. He organized and managed one of the largest U.S. consortiums involved with industry privatization in the former Soviet Union. These consortiums accomplished the largest privatization effort in history converting over 70% of state-owned industries to private enterprises. He was a co-founder of the Community Learning and Information Network a distance-learning corporation that has installed several hundred sites across America. Mr. Vollmer was also instrumental in establishing the National Automotive Center in Warren, Michigan.

From 1985 to 1991, he founded and was the Vice President/General Manager for General Dynamics’ new business and high-technology organization, called the Defense Initiatives Organization (DIO). In this capacity, he founded a dozen new organizations including a Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System that was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm, a Strategic Defense Initiative Division, and a Diamond Film Development Company involved in growing synthetic diamond substrate material for electronic systems. Within three years, the DIO captured over a quarter of a billion dollars of contract awards. Prior to the DIO, he was Corporate Director of Strategic Planning and Operations Analysis when General Dynamics was a Fortune 50 company and the world’s second largest aerospace corporation.

From 1979 to 1985, he was a McDonnell Douglas senior engineer on the initial design teams of F-15E and Stealth aircraft. He also managed the marketing effort for the $32 billion sale of the F-15E to the USAF.

Mr. Vollmer served 10 years active duty in the USAF and 13 years with the Air National Guard. He accumulated over 3,000 hours in various fighter aircraft, flew 175 combat missions in Southeast Asia, and received six Distinguished Flying Crosses and eleven Air Medals. Mr. Vollmer received a B.S. degree in Engineering Management from the USAF Academy, a Masters Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management for Senior Executives. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Trish Eagan, from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Their son was the President of VII Enterprise Solutions and is now a CISCO Senior Systems Engineer.