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GH International Services

G&H International Services, Inc. is a mission-driven company that focuses on government programs in support of community preparedness and homeland security issues. We specialize in identifying unmet requirements and developing programs designed to meet technology and other needs of federal, tribal, state, and local emergency respondents and their communities.

URL: http://www.ghinternational.com



GATR is revolutionizing the ultra-portable SATCOM industry with its inflatable stand-alone communications terminal. Compared to other deployable rigid dishes of comparable size, GATR’s unique shape and designs enable extreme portability, lower cost of ownership, reliability in extreme environments, and ease of set up.

URL: http://www.gatr.com/


At GE, research has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. Today, GE has approximately 36,000 technologists working across different businesses and global research centers at the intersection of technology and industry to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

URL: www.gepsec.com

At the new General Motors, GM is passionate about designing, building and selling the world’s best vehicles.  Our vision is to design, build, and sell the world’s best vehicles. We are striving to achieve this vision in a responsible manner by aligning our sustainability and business models. Our business model creates a self-sustaining cycle of reinvestment that drives continuous improvement in vehicle design, manufacturing discipline, brand strength, pricing and margins.  As a result, we have positioned the Company to be profitable throughout various business cycles. We also have aligned our sustainability model with our business model to encourage integration between the two and to support a similar cycle of sustainable reinvestment.

URL: www.gm.com

Genesis Technologies Group

The Genesis Technologies Group, a division of Hyde Park Partners, is an innovation and invention engineering team operating out of Hyde Park Partner’s corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC. It specializes in alternative energy, mechatronics, fluid power and automation. As part of its ever increasing presence in the renewable energies industry, it has launched a product line to market our various solar products under, GoSol Power.

URL: http://www.livhaven.com/genesis


 Genesis Water Technologies designs, manufactures and supplies integrated sustainable water treatment solutions focused on meeting their clients water quality challenges through innovation and collaboration.They work with industrial partners, government and non governmental agencies, experienced civil engineering and contracting partners, and other specialized companies throughout the world that share their vision and values.

URL: http://genesiswatertech.com

George Mason University was founded as a branch of the University of Virginia in 1957 and became an independent institution in 1972. Today, GMU is recognized for its strong programs in law, economics, creative writing, environmental studies, and computer science. The university enrolls over 32,500 students, making it the largest university by head count in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

URL: http://www.gmu.edu

 Ranked as the #7 best public university, Georgia Tech provides a focused, technologically based education to more than 21,500 undergraduate and graduate students.Georgia Tech has many nationally recognized programs, all top-ranked by peers and publications alike, and is ranked in the nation’s top 10 public universities by U.S. News and World Report.The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences vision is to lead in innovative research and educate the future leaders in earth and atmospheric sciences for the 21st century, within the context of a premier technological research university.




 George Washington Carver Middle School is recognized as an “A” school by the Florida Department of Education and is one of the top ranked public schools in the State. It is also a U.S. Department of Education “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” and each year since, 2002, has been recognized by Magnet Schools of America with the “Magnet School of Excellence Award.”

URL: http://gwcm.dadeschools.net


George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Founded in 1825, the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the 11th oldest medical school in the country and the first in the nation’s capital. Since its establishment, the school has been at the forefront of medical education, and has grown to include highly-ranked programs in the health and biomedical sciences. With dozens of top-tier residency programs, SMHS is a competitive and esteemed destination for medical school graduates across the country

URL: http://smhs.gwu.edu/

GW Health
George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, established in July 1997, the School of Public Health and Health Services brought together three longstanding university programs in the schools of medicine, business, and education that we have since expanded substantially. Today, more than 1,200 students from nearly every U.S. state and more than 38 nations pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level degrees in public health. They offer an array of joint degree programs, allowing students to couple a law degree with the Master of Public Health (MPH), or to combine an MPH with a medical degree or an MA in International Affairs.

URL: http://sphhs.gwu.edu/


Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) is a trade association composed of U.S. companies who support the expanded use of geothermal energy. GEA also advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal resources, provides a forum for the industry to discuss issues and problems, encourages research and development to improve geothermal technologies, and conducts education and outreach projects.

URL: http://www.geo-energy.org/

Geothermal Energy Exhibition
The Geothermal Energy Exhibition at Hellisheiði Power Plant is a state-of-the-art look into the harnessing of geothermal energy in Iceland. The plant is owned by Reykjavik Energy and is a striking example of how geothermal energy is harnessed in a sustainable manner in Iceland and a showcase for the rest of the world.

URL: http://www.or.is/en


GigaCrete manufactures some of the most innovative, functional, high-performance coatings and high speed house building systems on the market. Its products are cost-competitive, unmistakably ‘green’ and capturing the attention of world markets anxious to leave behind old and inferior ways to build.

URL: http://gigacrete.com

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 Glacier Beverage Company is America’s turn-key beverage company — specializing in bottled water co-packaging and private label beverage design and development. Since 1989, the family-owned Glacier Mountain Spring Water Company, based in Fairfield, New Jersey and Towson, Arizona, has been a regional leader in home and office (HOD) bottle water delivery. Over the years it has quickly grown to become a national supplier of quality private label bottled water — bottling in nine [9] states across the United States.

URL: http://www.glaciermountain.com/index.html

Global Coaches Network

Global Coaches Network (GCN) believes that it can help organizations become greater leaders to get better business results with less stress and support both to make a powerful positive difference in the world.  Since 2005, Global Coaches Network, a pioneer in the field of coaching for global leadership development, has designed and delivered global leadership development programs and individual, group, and team executive coaching programs.

URL: http://www.globalcoaches.com

Global Flying Hospitals2

Global Flying Hospitals is establishing as the world’s medical airline, to provide training and resources to developing countries worldwide, its fast becoming the premier solution of life-saving medical care  services to developing countries and those in dire need.

URL: http://www.globalflyinghospitals.org


The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the U.S. government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans. HHS provides essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves. The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) is part of the HHS Office of the Secretary. OGA promotes the health and well-being of Americans and of the world’s population by advancing HHS’s global strategies and partnerships and working with USG agencies in the coordination of global health policy.  

URL: http://www.globalhealth.gov/




GlobalTic is a group which everyone is from different fields and professions but shares the same value: entrepreneurship, innovation unselfish enthisuasm, humanism, and knowledge-sharing. We are creating a platform to pass down the knowledge, from which young talents can learn and grow. With the effort, GlobalTiC promotes the innovation in industry, collaboration between academic institution and the industrial enterprises, nursing more competitive and international youth. 

URL: http://www.globaltic.org/

For over twenty [20] years, Global Water Group has been manufacturing state-of-the-art water purification, desalination, wastewater – recycling systems. Ninety [90] percent of its installations have been in military and disaster relief systems.  Ten [10] percent have been installed in villages, homes, and industry.  Global manufactures modular water equipment; easier to operate, and maintain, cost effective, and producing the best quality potable water.


URL: https://globalwater.com/



Gospel Rescue Ministries
Gospel Rescue Ministries strives to be a shelter in the storm of substance abuse, hunger, and homelessness in the heart of Washington D.C. As a non-denominational Christian social service agency, GRM exposes hurting men and women to God’s healing love through programs that focus on transforming lives from the inside out. GRM has provided hope, help, and healing to men and women in a variety of ways, from sheltering the homeless and feeding the hungry, to educating men and women, healing them from addictions, and providing them with the vocational skills and spiritual strength to change their lives.

URL: http://www.grm.org/



Got Produce

By using hydroponic methods in a distributed production model, Got Produce? can drastically reduce the amount of water, land, and energy required to grow.  Because it grows in a controlled greenhouse, it can grow many tasty heirloom varieties without the use of herbicides and pesticides, thus increasing healthy benefits and decreasing cost.

URL: http://www.gotproduce.us


 GrainPro, Inc., a “not-only-for-profit’ company has created a revolution in safe storage and drying of grains and seeds through innovative Ultra Hermetic™, pesticide-free technology. This revolution in safe storage and public health protection has quietly been spreading “under the radar” and is a central part of the story of American technology’s contribution to the alleviation of world hunger. They call this the “Green Revolution Phase II”.

URL: http://www.grainpro.com/


 The Greater Baltimore Urban League – Since 1924, they have been helping disadvantaged Marylanders gain access to equal opportunity in employment, education, health care, housing and the civic arena. They encourage you to join the GBUL and take advantage of the many opportunities available to improve the quality of life for you and your community.

URL: http://www.gbul.org/about-gbul.html

Interfaith Power and Light

Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light (MD•DC•NoVA) works with hundreds of congregations of all faiths across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change. Its mission is to learn about its work to build a religious response to climate change.

URL: http://gwipl.org

WERA’s mission is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain Arlington’s diverse community by promoting and facilitating independent radio. On December 6, 2015, Arlington, Virginia entered a new era with the introduction of WERA-LP 96.7 onto the FM dial. A project of Arlington Independent Media, WERA’s programming is produced by and for the community. Co-Hosted by Leonard (EnviroBro) Robinson, the “Green & Sexy Radio Show” takes an informational, humorous, and entertaining look at environmental issues affecting the local community and the globe. The show broadcasts live every Wednesday at 7:00 P.M. and Fridays at 9:00 A.M. U.S. ET on WERA 96.7FM Radio.

URL: www.wera.fm

Green Car Journal

Green Car Journal is a quarterly publication created in 1992 that focuses on green vehicles and environmentally friendly energy and technologies. The magazine also hosts events, produces ride-and-drives of advanced and clean fuel vehicles, and conducts various outreach efforts to educate consumers about green vehicle choices. In November 2004 the magazine’s Spring 2004 edition won a silver medal for “Best Single Magazine Issue” from the International Automotive Media Awards, together with eight other awards for magazine writing.

URL: http://greencarjournal.com


 Founded in 2007, Green DMV Foundation (Green DMV) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization seeking to promote global sustainability as the means to alleviate poverty. Our initial focus was to help influence policy change to spur sustainable development and equitable environmental policies. GREEN DMV Foundation is fueled by a burning passion to ensure we have a sustainable world that gives the global poor an equal right to a long quality life.

URL: http://greendmvfoundation.org/



Green Earth Volunteers (GEV) was founded in 1996 by senior environmental journalist WangYongchen. GEV has initiated many landmark green activities in the history of Chinese environmental NGOs. Prominent examples are environment journalist salons, “Eco-water Tour”, “Nature University”, “Southwest River Decade Journey” and “Yellow River Decade Journey”. We also organize bird watching activities in Beijing and participated in the “Green Ribbon Campaign” and the “26 ̊C Air Conditioning Campaign”. Now, GEV is a ‘glocal’ NGO of journalists that advocates environmental protection, civil society development and public participation. GEV focuses more and more on climate change, river protection, corporate environmental responsibility and low-carbon society.

URL: http://www.climatenetwork.org/profile/member/green-earth-volunteers


Greenease is a resource that connects consumers with restaurants, cafes and grocery stores that buy from local farms. It has over 500 merchants listed and more than 40% have provided us their farm or purveyors’ names. The consumers get to learn about where their food comes from. Greenease strives to bring customers the most relevant and updated information. It connects with the farmers every 6 months to verify the information is accurate. Greenease values customers’ feedback, suggestions for new locally-sourcing merchants, and comments.

URL: http://greenease.co

Green Festival Expositions (EXPOs) is a vibrant, dynamic marketplace where companies and organizations come to showcase green products and services, and where people go to learn how to live healthier, more sustainable lives. It is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. It brings together the world’s most trusted companies, innovative brands, national and local businesses, pioneering thinkers, and conscious consumers in one place to promote the best in sustainability and green living.

URL: http://greenfestivals.org/index.html


Greenfire is a consortium of experienced and respected companies working across an array of industry sectors to promote and grow “green” technology applications. Greenfire Companies coordinates agreements and activities with participating entities to develop public-private partnerships between and among businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, town and county governments and healthcare facilities and practices. Greenfire utilizes all available tax benefits and credits now abundant across the “green” industry sector.

URL: http://www.greenfirecapital.com/

The Greening of Detroit is a well-established nonprofit resource agency with a long history of successful and progressive initiatives. All of our work adds economic value to the communities we serve, and focuses on using land in a way that improves quality of life, has environmental integrity and promotes education and stewardship. Most of all, The Greening provides hope for the future of the city of Detroit.

URL: http://www.greeningofdetroit.com/

GRID Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization with a mission to make renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities. GRID was founded during the 2001 California energy crisis by Erica Mackie, P.E., and Tim Sears, P.E., two engineering professionals who were implementing large-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for the private sector. Through GRID Alternatives, they developed a model to make solar PV technology practical and accessible for low-income communities, while providing pathways to clean energy jobs.

URL: https://gridalternatives.org/


Groundswell is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.that uses collective buying power to drive positive social change. Groundswell believe everyone should have access to goods they need, at the rates they can afford.

URL: http://www.groundswell.org/


Grow International works with non-profits, governments, and other organizations to further their reach and help them to sustain their impact. They provide low-tech, high-impact solutions designed to educate and empower individuals and communities to care for, maintain, and grow their land, food, and family. Their solutions offer hands-on training and materials to help others understand the value of growing what they have been given. Whether it’s raising broiler chickens, raising chickens for egg production, or preserving food for their family, Grow International gives individuals and communities the tools to provide for themselves while caring for their land, food, and families.

URL: http://grow-international.com/

GRUNDFOS North America

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Its mission, the basis of its existence, is to successfully develop, produce and sell high-quality pumps and pumping systems world-wide, contributing to a better quality of life and a healthy environment.

URL: http://us.grundfos.com

Gaoping Ronggao PV Solar Development Company

Gaoping Ronggao PV Solar Development Company is located in Shanxi Jincheng Gaoping Ma Village, in Shanxi Province, Gaoping City Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the establishment, in the production of solar photovoltaic battery mainly, set research and development, production, sale, after sale service as one of the high-tech photovoltaic enterprise.

URL: http://www.rgpvsolar.com


 Green Power Management is proud to be a leader in green technology applications. Located in New Hampshire’s seacoast, we serve clients throughout the United States. At Green Power Management, we don’t think of “green” as a destination. Instead, we think of it as a journey on a spectrum towards efficiency, conservation, and sustainability. We understand every client has different requirements and budgets, so we work with you to define the starting point on the spectrum and pinpointing where you’d like to go. Our knowledgeable staff will help you realize the maximum cost and energy savings, government and manufacture rebates, and installation options.Our philosophy is that doing something to lessen your ecological impact is much better than being afraid to do something wrong. We are committed to helping clients transform their business-as-usual approach to an eco-friendly model of efficiency.

URL: http://greenpowermgt.com/

Growing Power

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities. Growing Power implements this mission by providing hands-on training, on-the-ground demonstration, outreach and technical assistance through the development of Community Food Systems that help people grow, process, market and distribute food in a sustainable manner.

URL: http://www.growingpower.org

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Green Energy Enterprises judged all the new technology options on three basic criteria: Is it simple enough to deploy in a broad number of applications? Can it help solve important environmental issues? Does it have economic viability? After looking at numerous options around the world – we have found a game changer! We are introducing a new German-Designed Technology that has been vetted by multiple firms and is Performance Guaranteed.

URL: http://www.geegreensolutions.com/

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Green Seminary Initiative encourages schools of theology to be participants in, and keepers of, God’s creation in all its human, biological, geological, and ecological manifestations. To that end, the Green Seminary Initiative is dedicated to building a nationwide coalition of theological schools that infuse care of the earth into all aspects of theological education.

URL: http://www.greenseminaries.org/

Girl Scout of the US2

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) is a youth organization for girls in the United States and American girls living abroad. Founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, it was organized after Low met Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, in 1911. GSUSA aims to empower girls and to help teach values such as honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence, and citizenship through activities including camping, community service, learning first aid, and earning badges by acquiring practical skills.

URL: http://www.girlscouts.org

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 “The Good Time Kids” (™) is a multicultural family friendly youth weekly television show with a club house setting hosted by and starring children and early teens. This nationally televised family-friendly television series reaches over 18.5 million households. The show airs every Saturday at 12 noon EST on the NRB network, DirectTV channel 378, and Sky Angel channel 126. It is also streamed live at www.nrbnetwork.tv. The show presents multi-cultural youth engaged in six [6] entertaining and positive segments: at the movies; game time; dance time; music studio; youth network; and youth film short.

URL: http://www.thegoodtimekids.com/

Government Transaction Services

Government Transaction Services (GTS) provides post-award grant management tools that provide a professional environment for grant administrators. GTS tools include a desktop environment, with folders, efiling required reports, decision support, workflows and templates. Its tools help administrators and principal investigators reduce their mounting paperwork and administrative burdens, improve compliance, and maximize use of grant funds.

URL: http://www.ezgrantfiling.com

Greif Inc.

Grameen Bank is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning microfinance organization and community development bank founded in Bangladesh. It makes small loans to the impoverished without requiring collateral. The name Grameen is derived from the word gram which means “rural” or “village” in the Sanskrit language.

URL: http://www.grameenfoundation.org//

Greif Inc.

Greif, Inc. is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. It produces steel, plastic, fibre, flexible and corrugated containers, packaging accessories and containerboard, and provides blending, filling and packaging services for a wide range of industries.  It also manages acreage in the United States. With more than 200 operating locations in more than 50 countries, Greif is positioned to serve global as well as regional customers.

URL: http://www.greif.com

Great Global Friendship Run

Not only will The Great Global Friendship Run be the longest sports event in history, but like the prior Friendship Runs, it will be non-threatening to people of all cultures and political or religious persuasions, devoid of any hint of controversial aspects. People come out and run with Stan. Running is a simple act that opens hearts and spreads friendship.

URL: http://friendshipsports.org/global-run/the-great-global-friendship-run


 Groundwater Dynamics Limited is appointed by Parjana Distribution LLC as a certified installer of Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Pumps (EGRP’s). Increased property development has resulted in a larger proportion of land with non-permeable surfaces which, when combined with prolonged periods of rainfall, can give rise to nuisance groundwater and flooding. Whilst traditional piped drainage systems require an outflow to storm drains or soak-aways, the EGRP system empowers you to deal with rainfall at source, cost effectively, environmentally and with minimal disruption.

URL: http://www.groundwaterdynamics.co.uk/



The Groundwork Anacostia Steering Committee worked diligently for the next two years including attending the Groundwork USA Annual Assembly in October 2007, in El Paso, Texas, submitting a commitment letter in December 2007. On January 16, 2008 our commitment letter for exploring development of a Groundwork Trust in Washington, DC was accepted for further evaluation. The real work began with numerous meetings, including outreach to the community, strategy sessions with DC and federal officials, and site visits by Groundwork USA and NPS officials.

URL: http://groundworkdc.org

Google, Inc

Google, Inc’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Larry and Sergey named the search engine they built “Google,” a play on the word “googol,” the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google Inc. was born in 1998, when Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a check for $100,000 to that entity—which until then didn’t exist.

URL: https://www.google.com/about/company/

GBG Foundation

Global Benefits Group (GBG) Foundation is the largest independent, fully integrated provider of international benefits in the world. In 2014, GBG celebrates its 34th year of serving the needs of expatriates, third-country nationals and local nationals. Because of its unique underwriting platform, GBG can offer a multitude of insurance products – including health, life, income replacement and special risks – to individuals, groups as small as 5, and large groups of any size anywhere in the world.

URL: https://www.gbg.com

Galpao Aplauso

Galpao Aplauso

URL: http://www.aplauso.art.br


Global Solar Water Power Systems (GSWPS) designs and manufactures a wide array of cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions to challenging problems.  They provide water and energy, shelter and comfort, and even communications capabilities in areas with little or no operating infrastructure.

URL: http://gswps.com/Home.aspx

Green Seal logo

 Green Seal is a non-profit environmental standard development and certification organization. Green Seal’s flagship program is the certification of products, services, restaurants, and hotels. The certification is based on Green Seal standards, which contain performance, health, and sustainability criteria.

URL: http://www.greenseal.org

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GreenView® lawn fertilizers and grass seeds, you are receiving the benefit of the same advanced technologies and proprietary ingredients as used on championship golf courses. Our zero phosphate lawn fertilizer line demonstrates our continued environmental commitment.

URL: http://www.greenviewfertilizer.com/

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