K – Alliances and Partnerships

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Karmalades believes that every action spurs a reaction. Everything they do affects our precious planet. For that reason they make sure to use the most pure and natural ingredients that they possibly can to keep your home immaculate. They also package our products in glass jars vs. plastic to decrease landfill.

URL: http://www.karmalades.com/


Kenergy Solar is a local, owner-operated solar installation firm based in Washington DC. It installs solar for homes and businesses in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Customer satisfaction is its most important goal. As a small business, it provides personal attention to all of our projects. It handles all aspects of creating a unique solar solution, from start to finish. It keeps the process simple by managing everything from custom system design to paperwork and installation.

URL: http://kenergysolar.com



Keuka College is the national leader in experiential, hands-on learning, career identification, and exploration. Founded in 1890, Keuka College is located on the shores of Keuka Lake in New York State’s (USA) Finger Lakes region. It is an independent, four-year, residential, coeducational college that places strong emphasis on career and pre-professional education. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools it is one of only 32 American colleges and universities approved by the Chinese government to offer degree programs in the People’s Republic of China.

URL: http://keuka.edu/


Kid Pan Alley’s mission is to inspire and empower children to express their creativity. Through its group songwriting process, children collaborate toward a shared goal, develop confidence in their ability to create, and learn valuable performance skills. Its vision is to reinvigorate creativity as a core value in education. Its programs include songwriting residencies with children and older adults, partnerships with symphonies, and character development assemblies.

URL: http://www.kidpanalley.org/


Kids Against Hunger. The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world. Kids Against Hunger is not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group and does not discriminate on any basis when distributing its meals.

URL: Kids Against Hunger


“Kids Love Nature!” and “Let’s Go Beyond the Walls!” are nature awareness programs for children from age three months to six years along with their parents, extended family members, educators, and the community at large. Purposes of these programs are to introduce children to the natural world, along with their supportive adults, in a manner that inspires awe, wonderment, curiosity, exploration, and comfort in the outdoors.

URL: Kids Love Nature!


Kilotherm Natural Gas Processing has an over 200 years of combined experience team. Its diverse backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, and petroleum engineering as well as business and finance experience allow it to deliver the optimal solutions for customers’ production needs.

URL: http://kilotherm.com


Kindness in Action, INC. is a non-profit organization, registered as a 501(c)(3) charity in the USA. The mission is to promote children’s health and education in remote, impoverished areas of the world. The goals are to teach children the value of health care, education and community appreciation. By helping communities develop the capacity to provide these services, we lay the foundation for a productive, proud and self-sufficient community. Kindness in Action seeks to share in long-term commitments with host communities to achieve these goals.

URL: Kindness in Action, INC.

Kiwanis International

Kiwanis International, located in 80 nations, help their communities in countless ways. Each community’s needs are different—so each Kiwanis club is different. By working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. When people give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things happen.

URL: http://www.kiwanis.org



The Knossus Project is a Mid-Atlantic based research and development firm dedicated to guiding the citizenry through the labyrinth of life by producing custom built artifacts in the areas of: Educational Film, Fine Art Publishing, and Green Design. The Project is actively engaged in the discourse of what it means to truly integrate Technology, Nature, and Humanity into everyday existence.

URL: The Knossus Project


Konarka‘s vision is too expand the use of solar technology to a world of new applications,to generate a substantial ROI for Konarka shareholders,to sustain a first-class research capability and attract world-class talent, and bring off-grid power to the developing world and help alleviate poverty.


The Kreative Images Foundation (K.I.)The Kreative Images Foundation (K.I.) has specialized in effective business strategies, nonprofit development and strengthening communities all over the world through speaking engagements, live radio broadcasts, grant writing workshops, board development, nonprofit development services and more.

URL: The Kreative Images Foundation

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