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Landis Construction Co.Landis Construction Co.

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Portugal National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) has the mission io undertake, coordinate, and promote scientific research and technological development, aiming for continuous improvement, and the good practice of Civil Engineering. It is also LNEC’s responsibility to pursue the public interest, by providing services of Science and Technology to public and private, national and foreign entities, contributing to innovation, dissemination of knowledge, and technology transfer.

URL: http://www.lnec.pt/en/


LandFAX USA provides parcel specific land feasibility reports that inventory potential risks involved with purchasing a piece of property. Investing your hard-earned money in real estate is a big decision. Whether you are a business manager or you just want a wise and solid investment, having knowledge on property management is of utmost importance.With more than 25 years of experience, their LandFax reports will expand your knowledge on the pros and cons of buying a particular piece of property.

URL: http://www.landfaxusa.com


For 25 years, La Maestra Community Health Centers (“La Maestra”) has been dedicated to its mission: to provide quality health care and education; to improve the overall wellbeing of the family; bringing the under-served, ethnically diverse communities into the mainstream of our society through a caring, effective, culturally and linguistically competent manner, respecting the dignity of all patients.


Landis Construction Co.2

Landis Construction Company is Washington, DC’s top renovation and remodeling firm. For 25 years, it has been helping people design & renovate their dream homes. It believes in the empowerment that comes with designing your own home. Landis Construction Company offers complete home design, construction & renovation services throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As a family-owned company specializing in residential Design/Build projects, it successfully exceeds customer’s expectations for home design and construction and is regularly recognized for excellence in the industry. One of the focal points of their success is being directly involved in every aspect of the design and building process.

URL: http://www.landisconstruction.com


Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) founded in 1910, is the monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects. It is the magazine of record for the landscape architecture profession in North America, reaching more than 60,000 readers who plan and design projects valued at over $140 billion each year.

URL: Landscape Architecture Magazine



Leaf Clean Energy Company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands on May 14th, 2007 for the purpose of acquiring interests in, owning, operating and managing clean energy companies and projects including renewable energy projects, and other projects that create environmental benefits through greenhouse gas emission reductions.

URL: Leaf Clean Energy Company


Learn Grow is a Project of the Rotary Club of Devonport North District 9830 & Food Plants International. A project that helps people in developing countries learn about and grow the best local foods to match their nutritional needs.
…In developing countries, seven million children die each year from malnutrition. An alternative approach is needed to address malnutrition around the globe. Learn Grow is a visionary approach to malnutrition – to grow the best local foods to meet nutritional needs.

URL: http://foodplantsolutions.org/


Lebensland Kaernten. The “Lebensland Kaernten” project aims to develop the market for e-mobility building and developing the infrastructure that will sustain Carinthia’s emerging e-mobility movement.
Lebensland Kaernten says YES to a clean and energy-efficient future of personal transportation and energy production.

URL: Lebensland Kaernten

Leaders in energy

 The purpose of Leaders in Energy is to engage professionals who delight in thinking about, discussing, and collaborating on energy, environmental, and sustainability topics to convene on-line and in person through networking events.

URL: http://lercpa.org/


Leyla and Sons LLC a.k.a. Leyla’s Foods to share a homemade recipe for all-natural coffee toppings for locally produced milk products and the world-at-large. No where else can one find an authentic all-natural organic coffee sauce. After three years of recipe development, blending, and identifying “living wage” organic ingredients the company created a great coffee taste that can be enjoyed by the spoonful while providing new ‘green’ jobs, small business creation, and support of civic organizations. Leyla’s Foods is to show others anything is possible through love, perseverance, and support from those who care.

URL: Leyla’s Foods


Leviathan Energy was formed in 2006 in order to supply innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that will change the fundamentals of the renewable energy market on a global scale. By utilizing the physics of fluid dynamics Leviathan has created wind-, hydro-, and wave-powered products that fundamentally change the economics of investing in alternative energy technologies in these respective markets.

URL: http://www.leviathanenergy.com/


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Liberty Roe Capital, LLC utilizes our knowledge of multiple, sometimes alternative asset classes to deliver wealth strategy for our clients. We partner with several entities to help our clients implement those strategies. As always we inform our clients that any potential investment opportunities carry with them a certain measure of risk.


Lifeline Energy, USA

Lifeline Energy offers “Best-Of-Breed”, affordable clean technology solutions for commercial, residential, and governmental deployment. they see energy as an environmental issue with implications of global proportion. At Lifeline; they strive to reduce the effects of global warming and environmental degradation by enabling the mass market to obtain clean and reliable solar energy in an economically viable way.

URL: http://www.lifelinesolar.com/index.htm


LIFESAVER® USA’s mission is to eradicate the need for clean water around the world. LIFESAVER’s unique design and revolutionary approach to water filtration has made way for a paradigm shift in how people drink. Now anyone anywhere can be confident they are consuming clean, pathogen-free water, while living responsibly and eliminating the pollution created by the production, storage and disposal of plastic water bottles.

URL: https://iconlifesaver.com


Lifetime Leaders, Inc. is a management training and leadership development firm based in metropolitan Washington, DC. We focus on improving an organization’s productivity and performance by developing the people who make up the organization. Our offerings include multi-session seminars, workshops, meeting facilitation, motivational speaking and custom solutions.

URL: http://www.lifetimeleaders.com/


Livability Project provides results-oriented services for local businesses, governments, and community leaders seeking to build more livable, economically viable and sustainable communities.The Livability Project team has decades of experience in program development and implementation. … The bi-coastal team leverages the best of both regions – Northern California as a leader in developing and enacting sustainable projects and Washington DC as the international city and policy capital of the world.

URL: Livability Project

Longing for a Local Lunch

Longing for a Local Lunch features students in Great Barrington, Massachusetts who are changing their cafeteria fare from processed foods to local meat and local fresh vegetables, and calculating the difference in CO2 emissions between locally grown food and food coming from a distance. Zoe Borden asks, “Why not start here and reduce our carbon footprint by buying locally?”

URL: http://www.youngvoicesonclimatechange.com/movie_local-lunch.php


Longwood University is one of only a few public institutions in the nation to require internships or research projects for every student in every major. A state-assisted, co-educational university, Longwood offers students a choice of more than 100 undergraduate majors, minors, and concentrations. Graduate programs include business, education, English, sociology and communication sciences & disorders.

URL: Longwood University


Lori Hill Event Production helps environmentally conscious people and organizations make its special events savvy and sustainable. Lori Hill Event Production is committed to the belief that sustainable meetings and events should be the standard, not an option. Lori Hill Event Production is 100% wind powered and dedicated to caring for the planet 100% of the time.

URL: http://lorihillevents.blogspot.com/


LPP Combustion, LLC has developed a solution to produce clean energy from liquid fuels such as #2 fuel oil, biodiesel, and ethanol, while generating the same low emissions as natural gas-fired combustion turbines.

URL: LPP Combustion, LLC


LS Cable is a South Korean cable, chemical, and engineering company and a manufacturer of electric wire and cable for power distribution which separated from the LG Group in November 2003 to lead an independent brand power. LS Cable is on a growth path to become a leading provider of customer specific solutions.

URL: LS Cable


Lumina develops and disseminates innovative technologies that help individuals and organizations to make effective decisions. Lumina pursues this goal in two ways: By developing and marketing advanced software for decision support. By providing consulting, contract research, and seminars to help organizations make more effective use of decision-support tools.

URL: http://www.lumina.com/

L&Q International

L&Q International (Advanced Soil Solutions) provides you with easy-to-use, water-soluble products and processes to make your unpaved, dirt roads dust free and solid and water-resistant throughout the year. We harden and waterproof your soil banks and retaining walls to resist ersosion and water breakthoughs. We provide a protective water-resistant coating to treat compressed earthen block (CEB) so you can build with it in all types of climates.

URL: http://www.l-q-international.com/


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