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Olivia’s Birds and the Oil Spill. 11 years old and willing to help is how Olivia Bouler described herself to the Audubon Society when she contacted them about the tragedy in the Gulf. Aspiring ornithologist and artist, Olivia Bouler wept when she heard about the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, a place where she spent many vacations with her cousins and grandparents who live in Louisiana and Alabama.

URL: http://www.youngvoicesonclimatechange.com/movie_oil-spill.php

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The Olney Farmers and Artists Market is the brainchild of Olney resident Janet Terry. Janet was inspired by her visits to the outstanding Farmers Market in Charleston, South Carolina. She had a vision to bring a quality farmers market to serve Olney. Her idea was presented to GOCA (Greater Olney Civic Association) in July 2007 and has grown into reality from there.

URL: http://www.olneyfarmersmarket.org


Old City Green’s mission is to invite nature back into the city by supporting local landscapers with market value product and by providing the Shaw community and D.C. at large with plants, garden supplies, training and opportunities to increase awareness of and appreciation for urban gardens.

URL: http://www.oldcitygreen.com/

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The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) is a province-wide, member-based, non-profit organization representing more than 1500 individuals including private citizens, cooperatives, farmers, First Nations, businesses, institutions and municipalities. OSEA members are engaged in supporting Community Power projects and renewable energy.

URL: http://www.ontario-sea.org

Onset Computer Corporation

Onset Computer Corporation has been producing data loggers for over 25 years. Its battery-powered “HOBO” data logger products measure and record temperature, humidity, light, energy, and a variety of other parameters. Known for providing reliable, accurate data under tough environmental conditions, HOBO data loggers can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications, from measuring building energy performance to water and field ecology studies.

URL: www.onsetcomp.com


Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) was created in 1993, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. It has over 5,000 members from all around the world, representing 600 organizations. Companies such as Airbus, Dell, and eGov are members of OASIS. It is a non-profit consortium whose goal is to help the development, convergence, and adoption of open standards for global information sharing.

URL: https://www.oasis-open.org/


Operational Research Consultants, Inc. (ORC), a WidePoint company and trusted partner to the federal government, delivers information security solutions to government and enterprise customers, ensuring the fully compliant and trusted exchange and assurance of information. As an elite provider of information assurance and authentication services for business-to-government, government-to-government, and citizen-to-government, ORCs solutions are interoperable with legacy systems and integrate seamlessly with all leading software applications on the market today.

URL: https://www.orc.com


Opower is a publicly held Software-as-a-Service company that provides cloud-based software to the utility industry and transforms the way utilities relate to their customers. Working with 95+ utilities and serving 50+ million homes in 9 countries, Opower’s customer engagement platform positions utilities as trusted energy advisors to the customers they serve. Opower’s software provides customers with better information about their energy consumption, along with personalized ways to save energy and money.

URL: http://opower.com



Organization of American States – The Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) supports OAS member States in the design and implementation of policies, programs and projects oriented to integrate environmental priorities with poverty alleviation, and socio-economic development goals.



Organization of American States – Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program’s (CSEP) primary objective is to facilitate the adoption of energy policies and legislation that address the market conditions for the development and use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency systems by mitigating current barriers to the use of such sources and systems in the seven project participant countries.

URL: http://www.oas.org/en/sedi/dsd/Energy/CSEP.asp

The Oruj Learning Center is a women-led nonprofit organization established in 2002 with the vision that all Afghans should have access to educational, social, political and economic opportunities. Given the country’s recent history, Oruj’s mission is to provide girls and women with equal access to all levels of education throughout Afghanistan. Oruj believes that educating females is key to empowering them to fully participate in and equally contribute to Afghan society.

URL: http://www.oruj-afg.org/


Organic Living For All

Organic Living is a non-profit company who’s main objectives are to teach as many people as possible how to restore the quality of the topsoil so that it contains all the minerals which are essential for health; how to grow nutritious, delicious and healthy food in back yards and community gardens; how to avoid the abuses and crimes in modern food production and thus to radically improve the quality of health of the planet and it‘s population; to put the conventional commerical farmers, Monsanto and the unethical GMO scientists out of business; and to supply organic, healthy plants and soil conditioners to customers.

URL: http://www.organiclivingforall.com

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Orion was founded in 1996 by our CEO Neal Verfuerth with a focus in agricultural lighting sales and compact fluorescent technology. Today, Orion is a leading power technology that designs, manufactures and deploys energy efficient technology for commercial and industrial business throughout North America.

URL: www.oriones.com

Osgood center for international Studies

Osgood Center for International Studies is a 502c3 educational organization offering short programs and internships in Washington, DC year around. They are proud partners with the National Collegiate Conference Association and Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in hosting the National Model United Nations (NM-UN-DC) Program. They annually conduct programs on American Foreign Policy, Leadership in a Changing World, and International Business. They welcome international participation.

URL: www.osgoodcenter.org

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) was created in 1985, headquartered in Washington, D.C, in order to promote security cooperation between overseas American private sector participants and the United States Department of State. Members of the OSAC are from both private and public sectors and represent industries or agencies operating abroad. Its mission is to develop programs that will benefit the Unites States private sector in the world. The next step for OSAC is to develop their Country Council Programs and The Research and Information Support Center (RISC).




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