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SageVision is a network of professional consultants dedicated to finding answers and solutions to today’s critical questions. We support you in “greening” city planning and management, education, healthcare and workplaces.

URL: http://www.sagevision.com.cn

 Sahar Education International is a group of individuals and organizations committed to raising the educational standard in Afghanistan and building bridges of understanding between our cultures.With funds raised across the United States, we work with Afghan communities to provide access to education in Afghanistan, support an educated future for Afghan girls, and to build and supply schools for Afghan children.

URL: http://sahareducation.org/

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Saint Petersburg Environmental Research Center, Inc. (SPERC) is a full-service developer of gas-to-energy systems. SPERC specializes in working with all types of digester gas determining a custom solution for each project while providing a zero-risk approach and maximizing earned revenue for their partners. SPERC’s industry experts in gas conditioning, power generation and all facets of project design through implementation will ensure a successful product.

URL: http://www.sperc.us/

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San Bernardino Planning Commission, San Bernardino County, California. The Planning Commission members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors and advise on development and maintenance of the County’s General Plan; consider and recommend amendments to the General Plan and to the Development Code; periodically review the capital improvement program of the county; review and considers matters of countywide planning concern; and interpret the maps of the General Plan.

URL: http://cms.sbcounty.gov/lus/Planning/PlanningCommission.aspx


Santa Monica High School is a high school located in California. Student projects include beach clean ups, removing invasive plant species from coastal wetlands, school and community wide plastic bag and bottle cap drives, displaying giant REthink artwork, organizing student-community marches to promote bans on fracking and single-use plastic products, testifying before and lobbying all levels of government to support clean and healthy waterways, building and racing solar-powered boats, converting combustion engine cars into all-electric vehicles and monitoring ocean water quality for fecal-indicator bacteria.

URL: http://www.samohi.smmusd.org/


SANYO(Panasonic) continues to pioneer cutting-edge energy and environmental technologies, products and solutions, such as its world-leading HIT® solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) systems, eneloop rechargeable batteries and accessories (SANYO is currently the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world), biomedical solutions, energy-efficient cooling and heating systems, eco-friendly electronic devices, and more.

URL http://us.sanyo.com/


Satcon Power Systems

SatCon Power Systems is an industry leader in providing power management, grid support and system architecture solutions for the alternative energy and distributeed power markets.

URL: http://www.satcon.com/

Save the Golden Lion Tamarin is a United States 501 (c) (3) public charity, created in 2005 by a small group of passionate U.S.-based conservation professionals who have dedicated their careers to golden lion tamarin conservation.  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin provides technical and financial support to help Associação Mico-Leão Dourado- AMLD (Golden Lion Tamarin Association), save golden lion tamarins in perpetuity.  AMLD has funds from Brazilian sources for other aspects of their work, they lack sufficient support for salaries of their team.    Save the Golden Lion Tamarin focuses its efforts to help AMLD achieve the long-term financial stability to retain their competent team to continue their critical work.  

URL: http://www.savetheliontamarin.org


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Sea Breeze Energy, Inc. (Sea Breeze Energy) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sea Breeze Power Corp. Sea Breeze Energy is a pioneer in the wind energy industry in British Columbia, having staked the first site for a utility-scale wind farm on northern Vancouver Island in 2002, and in 2004, acquiring the first Environmental Assessment Certificate for a wind energy project in British Columbia. Sea Breeze Energy is the proponent of the Knob Hill Wind Farm which is located approximately 35km west of Port Hardy.

URL: http://www.seabreezepower.com/

seal of hope

 Seal of Hope is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, incorporated and based in Maryland. The organization’s purpose is to promote free healthcare, education and information technology in rural areas of Africa. We also will help and assist new immigrants’ families in their integration in the United States. We will focus on all African immigrants as well as all African countries in our effort to make available healthcare, education and information technology.

URL: http://www.sealofhope.org/


Second Chance Employment Services (SCES) is a nonprofit organization established in September 2001. SCES places financially at-risk women in meaningful employment positions. They focus on vulnerable high-risk women, who often are the sole support for their dependents and who have limited job skills or extraordinary barriers to seeking employment. SCES provides highly individualized training and counseling services, such as one-on-one training, bilingual and translation assistance, interview coaches to accompany applicants to interviews, and pre-placement and post-placement follow-up services for employers and employees.

URL: http://www.scesnet.org/

Stokholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an independent international research institute. They have been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for more than 20 years. SEI was formally established in 1989 by the Swedish Government and celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2009. The Institute has established a reputation for rigorous and objective scientific analysis in the field of environment and development. Their goal is to bring about change for sustainable development by bridging science and policy. They do this by providing integrated analysis that supports decision makers.

URL: http://www.sei-international.org/

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Founded in 1960, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) is acomprehensive research organization for studies of international politics, economy,security strategy and China’s external relations. The SIIS is dedicated to serving forChina’s modernization drive, and for Shanghai’s opening-up and economic development. It mainly studies the United States, Japan, Europe, Russia and the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on relations among major powers and China’s peripheryenvironment.

URL: http://en.siis.org.cn/


Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) (Chinese: 上海外国语大学) is an elite institution of higher learning in China. SISU has been one of the most acclaimed and influential universities cultivating intercultural professionals. SISU is known for being one of the earliest institutions where China’s higher education in foreign languages took shape. It is now a globalized and top-notch university in China committed to preparing innovative professionals and future torchbearers for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our times

URL: http://en.shisu.edu.cn/


 Since ShelterBox began in 2000, they have responded to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, typhoons and conflict, delivering emergency humanitarian aid to communities in need.

URL: http://www.shelterboxusa.org/

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 SHINA, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2002 based in Maryland. The word Shina (pronounced sh-EE-na) is derived from the Kiswahili language meaning: “roots” and/or the “thick trunk” of a tree. Their mission is to promote, encourage, and foster better understanding between communities in the United States, and abroad. They work predominantly at the community level and collaborate with grass-roots organizations in rural areas that tend to be overlooked due to high concentration of donors in urban areas.  They touch lives through the exchange of ideas, support and aid in the areas of need in social, cultural, educational, and economical development.

URL: http://www.shinainc.org

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The Sierra Club has been working to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself since 1892. It is the largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. And its founder, John Muir, appears on the back of the California quarter. The Sierra club pursues a safe and healthy community in which to live, smart energy solution to combat global warming and enduring legacy for America’s wild places.

URL: http://www.sierraclub.org


SkyBuilt Power is the leading renewable energy prroduct integration company for rapidly deployable power. SkyBuilt Power provides innovative energy solutions for customers with the most demanding requirements for reliable power performance in difficult environments with and without fuel.

URL: http://www.skybuilt.com/

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SkyFuel is the technology leader in concentrating solar power (CSP) with the SkyTrough parabolic trough collector and Linear Power tower systems delivering turnkey large scale solar plants to produce steam for power generation and other industrial applications.
SkyFuel’s solar thermal technology and plants are designed to be cost competitive with fossil fuels and can be integrated into existing facilities using its proprietary FuelSaver approach or built as stand-alone projects.

URL: http://www.skyfuel.com/


TSleepy Bear Mining Company and its Bowstring Project is California’s premier placer gold mine in southern California on public lands. The process is start with previously disturbed land that was not reclaimed. By so doing the company is mining past and present used land which is being graded, contoured, and seeded with native plant species. returning such soil to its original condition for public use.

URL: http://www.sleepybearmining.com/


Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world. To do that, Slow Food brings together pleasure and responsibility, and makes them inseparable. Today, it has over 100,000 members in 132countries.

URL: http://www.slowfooddc.org/

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Software & Information Industry Association is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age.

URL: http://www.siia.net/


Solar Buildings Research Network of Canada and Net-Zero Energy Community. SNEBRN is currently the major Canadian research effort in smart net-zero energy buildings. It brings together 29 Canadian researchers from 15 universities to develop the smart net-zero energy homes and commercial buildings of the future. The Network also includes researchers and experts from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Hydro-Québec. Industrial partners from the energy and construction sectors are involved in most projects, developing the know-how that will help them compete in the global market.

URL: http://www.solarbuildings.ca/index.php/en/


Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) is a cutting-edge, independent not-for-profit organization that designs and implements sustainable energy solutions for enhancements in health, education, agriculture and economic growth in the developing world.
SELF works to deliver solar power and wireless communications to rural villages in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. SELF facilitates a new generation of “whole village” solar electrification projects to power water pumping and purification, drip irrigation, health clinics (including vaccine refrigeration), schools, household and community lighting, and income-generating micro-enterprises that can be scaled up through the private sector or through public/private partnerships.

URL: http://self.org/

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Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association of solar energy manufacturers, project developers, distributors, contractors, installers, architects, consultants, and financiers. Established in 1974, the SEIA works to expand the use of solar technologies in the global marketplace.

URL: http://www.seia.org/


Solar Energy International is a manufacturer, distributor and systems integrator of quality solar and alternative energy materials and systems. They provide solar electric, solar hot water, solar pool heating, skylights and water conditioning materials and service in both wholesale supply and retail direct capacities.

URL: http://www.solarenergy.org


Solar Household Energy employs the technology of solar cooking to combat hunger and the global threats of biomass cooking. Using the sun to cook food, solar cooking devices are recognized as a simple, safe, and convenient way to cook without consuming fuel. Solar cooking can help alleviate the burden on more than 3 billion people who must walk for miles to collect wood or spend their meager incomes on fuel.

URL: http://www.she-inc.org/

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Solar Integrated is a renowned pioneer and leader in commercial, industrial and institutional solar applications. Solar Integrated provides turnkey PV-solutions for large low-slope roofs as are common for retail outlets, logistic centers and industrial facilities as well as municipal buildings and landfill sites. As a global solar solutions provider, Solar Integrated combines various technologies to develop the best PV-system for every customer’s specific needs for utmost reliability, productivity, financial performance and environmental benefits.

URL: http://ww2.solarintegrated.com/


Solar Outdoor Lighting (SOL INC.) is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial grade solar powered lighting products and systems. SOL develops and markets the most efficient and reliable solar powered systems for lighting applications including parking lot, roadway, pathway, security lighting and outdoor advertising.

URL: http://www.solarlighting.com


SolarRoofs.com, founded by Albert Rich, manufactures attractive, light weight solar water heating systems and collectors that are easier and safer to install than traditional collectors. They are also available in 26 architectural colors. The collectors are the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) OG100 rated, Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) rated, and the systems are SRCC OG300 rated.

URL: http://www.solarroofs.com


Solar Solution was founded in 2009 and has steadily grown in the solar PV market to become one of the largest solar PV installers in the region. With its primary headquarters in the District of Columbia, Solar Solution currently has satellite offices in the states of DC, MD, VA, NC and SC. Solar Solution is driven by the pursuit of a cleaner, healthier America by provide alternative energy options, such as solar PV systems installed for homes and businesses.

URL: http://www.solarsolutionllc.com


Solar-Tec Systems, Inc. has designed and installed hundreds of solar electric and solar thermal systems in Southern California. Hiring Solar-Tec Systems for solar projects, will make the client benefit from their years of experience. They have been a full-time California solar contractor since late 1998. Now in their fourteenth year, their company continues to be a leader in solar energy contracting.

URL: http://www.solar-tec.com

Solartech Systems

The entire team at Solartech Systems knows which products deliver the best value for your money. They are ultra-particular in the quality of our workmanship. They provide the best services and support in the industry.

Solar Stik

Solar Stik™ products and services range from portable power solutions to custom designs and integrations. Through its engineering and collaborative approach to problem solving, Solar Stik™ Inc. serves government, defense, commercial, and individual customers across the globe.

URL: http://www.solarstik.com

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Solena Group Inc. specializes in renewable power technology and alternative clean energy production from biomass. Solena’s patented high-temperature fuel manufacturing process technology converts biomass and organic waste to highly calorific synthetic fuel gas, a low carbon bio-fuel replacement for carbon heavy natural gas.

URL: http://www.solenagroup.com

SolFocus‘ leading CPV technology combines high-efficiency solar cells with advanced concentrating optics to provide high energy yield using just 1/1000th the amount of solar cell material used in traditional photovoltaic systems.

URL: www.solfocus.com

Sol-ution‘s vision determines all its activites and a higly developed customer centricity and orientation towards innovation, sustainability and partnership ensure its long-term success.

URL: http://www.greiner-renewable.at/

SOME 150621 Guest-1

SOME (So Others Might Eat) is an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless of our nation’s capital. We meet the immediate daily needs of the people we serve with food, clothing, and health care. We help break the cycle of homelessness by offering services, such as affordable housing, job training, addiction treatment, and counseling, to the poor, the elderly and individuals with mental illness. Each day, SOME is restoring hope and dignity one person at a time.

URL: http://some.org/


Sonoma Compost Company (SCC), the regional compost facility for Sonoma County since 1993, has diverted nearly 1.5 million tons of organic matter (yard trimmings and vegetative food scraps) from landfills. This organic matter is turned into organic compost and mulches that enrich our soils and reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. By contrast, organics that are landfilled produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. All SCC yard debris compost products are listed with OMRI and CDFA as allowed for use in organic agriculture.

URL: http://www.greenamerica.org


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the nation’s sixth largest public transportation system in the United States, with a vast network of fixed route services including bus, subway, trolley, trackless trolley, high speed, and Regional Rail serving more than one million riders per day across the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.

URL: Septa.org


Sparhawk helps Non Profit’s boost their fundraising through their existing campaigns and communications with a cutting-edge online shopping mall or “eMALL.”
Maximum eMALL fundraising is ensured with full support from Sparhawk, including best practice marketing, daily retail promotion updates to your eMALL and promotional copy that organizations can plug right into the emails and eNewsletters they already send to supporters. This custom approach in branding and support increases eMALL traffic – and contributions – and is a major reason why Sparhawk eMALLs are very lucrative over the long run.

URL: http://www.sparhawkcorp.com/


Speaking Books’ mission is simple, it exist to help organizations reach communities that previously seemed unreachable, by delivering critical messages that empower, educate and save lives.

URL: http://www.speakingbooks.com

The Spring Garden Eco-District in Philadelphia is an incubator with a number of initiatives to nurture and catalyze the Green Transition. It endeavors to plant creative seeds to foster regenerative ecological design thinking and practice at the neighborhood scale in the Philadelphia region. It is a grassroots, collaborative, and participatory thinking and doing initiative focused on making our neighborhoods flourish with Net-Positive℠ regenerative design. In the spirit of the Second Enlightenment, this highly collaborative approach aims to start small, grow dynamically through the multiplier effect connected with the zeitgeist.

URL: http://www.ecodistrictphiladelphia.org

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SRA is dedicated to solving complex problems of global significance for government clients in defense, intelligence/homeland security/special operations, health and civil agencies. With three decades serving these clients, SRA delivers the expert knowledge, technical tools and trusted solutions for missions that matter — to its clients and the world. SRA supports federal civil agencies with comprehensive professional and IT consulting services and enterprise-wide infrastructure support and provides health consulting services for both public and private.

URL: http://www.sra.com


 Srinergy Solar Energy Solutions is a global solar energy development company, located in Michigan, United States with design, engineering and development capabilities, providing turn-key smart solar energy solutions for government, commercial and municipalities. We have had great success in carving out a specialty niche for ourselves, and have earned an excellent reputation within the industry for reducing energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint for our customers. Established in 2010, Srinergy is growing successfully, with business expanding outside of United States into other international markets including India and the Caribbean Islands.

URL: http://srinergy.com/

SSI Energy was established in 2005 and has been responsible for providing outstanding biodiesel equipment ever since. SSI Energy’s specialty is in the area of products dealing with the biodiesel industry. Their Dealers are located throughout the United States and Canada.

URL: http://www.ssienergy.com/

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Stan Cottrell, is the Founder of Friendship Sports Association, a 501 (c) 3 charitable, non-profit organization founded on the goal of utilizing physical fitness and sports activities throughout the world as a base for establishing lasting friendships.
Since it’s inception in 1980, FSA has had a powerful global impact on people to people relationships. Millions of people have participated by running along side of Stan, and have been inspired by his words of encouragement that they have unique gifts that the world needs.

URL: http://stancottrell.com


STAR (Service to All Relations) School is the first all off-grid, solar and wind powered, charter school in the country. Sustainable living is a way of life intrinsic to the community which the school serves.  They promote self-reliance, alternative building methods, and energy sources such as solar and wind power.

URL: http://www.starschool.org/

STAR-TIDES (Sharing To Accelerate Research-Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support) is a research project dedicated to open-source knowledge sharing to encourage community and individual resilience to natural and man-made disasters and promote human security (“freedom from want “and “freedom from fear”). It stems from a research program at the U.S. National Defense University (NDU) called TIDES. The project provides reach-back “knowledge on demand” to decision-makers and those working in the field. It integrates public-private, whole-of-government, and trans-national approaches to achieve unity of action among diverse organizations where there is no unity of control.

URL : http://star-tides.net 


State University of Gorontalo (UNG) is a State University in Gorontalo, Indonesia, that was established on 1 September 1963. At first the university was a junior college and part of Guidance and Counseling UNSULUTENG (Sulawesi Tengah). Its status changed a few times before officially becoming State University of Gorontalo in 2004. On June 23, 2004, President Megawati inaugurated the State University of Gorontalo.

URL: http://www.ung.ac.id/

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StatoilHydro ASA changed name to Statoil ASA on 2 November 2009. The name StatoilHydro was used temporarily for a period of two years after the merger between Statoil ASA and Norsk Hydro ASA’s oil and gas division.
Hydro is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aluminium and aluminium products.

URL: http://www.statoil.com/en/Pages/default.aspx

The Stella Group, Ltd

The Stella Group, LTD, is a clean energy technology optimization and strategic policy firm specializing in blending clean, distributed energy technologies and financing for commercial, industrial, governmental, institutional, and mixed-use projects.

URL: http://thestellagroupltd.com/

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Stellenbosch University is recognised as one of the four top research universities in South Africa. It takes pride in the fact that it has one of the country’s highest proportions of postgraduate students of which almost ten percent are international students. The campuses of Stellenbosch University make up a vibrant melting pot of different cultures and various student organisations can be found on the four campuses.

URL: http://www.sun.ac.za/Home.aspx


STEM4US!, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to excite young people and adults about healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and other STEM fields to help create 1 million + new STEM professionals by 2023.

URL: http://stem4us.org/

Stinger Inc2

Stinger Inc. is committed to providing its customers, quality hay equipment for haying operation. It build products with efficiency, speed, durability, and affordability in mind. Ite understands what is most important to the owner/operator. It has been committed to superior customer service since its inception in 1992 because its customers are the single most important part of its business.

URL: http://www.stingerltd.com/

Since 2002, the St. Mary’s River Watershed Association has stimulated new efforts to protect and enhance the watershed in ways that also revitalize the economic, social, and cultural health of the community. With over five years of data from the St. Mary’s River Project, the Association was formed to establish a sustainable, reciprocally, beneficial relationship between the ecology of the St. Mary’s River and the communities that reside within the watershed.

URL: http://www.smrwa.org/

STM Inc. is developing a GSM (cellular) network in rural villages of Nepal using its SuperPico® GSM “green base station” solutions. SuperPico is “green” principally because it has very low power consumption, small and light weight, and is relatively inexpensive. The system provides good coverage of typical-sized rural villages in Nepal in the range of 2,000 to 20,000 people.


 Stop the Silence Stop Child Abuse work to address the relationships between child sexual abuse and the broader issues of overall family and community violence, and violence within and between communities. Their focus underlines the importance of a shift in focus on positive development within our social complexes (e.g., the relationships between men, women, adults and children, cultural groups) to support peaceful – and to hinder violence-prone-relationships.

URL: http://stopthesilence.org/


Streamline Consulting Group LLC is a consulting practice managing information, due diligence services, and capacity building for project developers creating eco-assets. The company streamlines project development and monetization of credits in carbon markets and mitigation and endangered species banking. Streamline LLC is unique–it does not sign exclusivity arrangements with buyers. The goal is to objectively guide project developers to capture the highest possible value for credits from projects. The company is based in Washington DC.

URL: http://www.streamlinellc.us


Studio AKA LLC provides design solutions for private and public landscapes that are ecologically sensitive and foster connections between people and place. From the garden to larger landscape systems, Studio AKA collaborates with clients and teams on projects of all scales, uniting the built and natural environments, in ways which surprise and delight.

URL: studio-aka.com


Studio Hill is a regenerative farming enterprise designed and run by Jesse and Caroline McDougall on their 4th­ generation family farm in Shaftsbury, Vermont. Using a series of stacked and symbiotic agricultural enterprises Studio Hill is able to produce nutrient­ dense food with no chemical inputs, while strengthening the farm’s ecosystem through carbon sequestration. Through education, outreach, writing, and attempts at legislation, Jesse and Caroline hope to share the lessons they’ve learned about the benefits of regenerative agriculture—primarily that ecological profitability is economic profitability. The more life Jesse and Caroline are able to attract to their farm at every level the stronger their farm’s ecosystem becomes, and the more food and products they can produce.

URL: http://studiohill.farm/


Sughrue Mion is an international firm in every sense of the word. It is experienced in handling worldwide patent and trademark portfolios, including domestic and foreign inter partes matters. Major clients are headquartered abroad in Japan, Korea, India, and among nations of the European Union. The Firm has offices in Tokyo, Japan, San Diego, California, with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., America’s national capital city.

URL: http://www.sughrue.com

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The Sun Grant Initiative is a national network of land-grant universities and federally funded laboratories working together to further establish a biobased economy.
These institutes are at the forefront of research and innovation involving bioenergy and biofuels production. They have the history, technology and resources available to lead the nation towards a renewable, sustainable, domestic energy industry.

URL: http://www.sungrant.org/


As populations increase and forests and fossil fuels disappear, the need for an alternative method of cooking around the world is intensifying. SUN OVENS International is committed to providing an alternative.SUN OVENS International takes a different approach. They have taken a concept that has been around for centuries, and have combined it with more improved materials to make the most effective solar cooking devices in the world. The SUN OVEN® has been designed to overcome most of the cultural barriers that have restricted the widespread use of the sun for cooking.

URL: http://www.sunoven.com/


SureAqua Portable Water Corporation is located in Epping, New South Wales, Australia. The company takes great pride in providing world leading ultra-membrane filtration with the best possible outcomes portable water filtration provides. SureAqua has been tested and tried by a number of defense forces, meeting and exceeding rigorous requirements on: performance; robustness; chemicals free; and instant access. SureAqua are the only products that met these critical requirements while passing all Australian and international laboratory tests.

URL: http://www.sureaqua.com


 Sustainable Communities Network is dedicated to contributing to the development of the theory and practice of sustainable living. SCN seeks to provide the ideas, programs and tools that inspire community members to bring about systemic changes in all of our institutions that are necessary to create sustainable cities.

URL: http://www.sustainlex.org/

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Strategic Sustainability Consulting (SSC) got started in 2005, with the express mission to deliver sustainability expertise to these under-resourced organizations. Its goal was—and still is—to provide state-of-the-art consulting services that can be scaled to meet the needs of smaller organizations. And that’s its vision: sustainability for every organization.

URL: http://www.sustainabilityconsulting.com


 Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting embraces these changes. It is founded on the conviction that sustainability creates great opportunities for resilience, competitiveness and innovation to manufacturing companies transitioning from the carbon-constrained economy of the 20th century to the circular, carbon-neutral, fair, prosperous economy of the 21st century.

URL: http://sustainablemanufacturing.biz/

Skjermbilde 2015-04-11 kl. 21.31.53

 Sustainable Water is a leading provider of water reclamation and reuse solutions. Utilizing the world’s leading technologies, we recycle water for heating, cooling and irrigation, bringing customers annual savings on operations costs year after year.

URL: http://sustainablewater.com/

Sustainable Water Solutions, LLC is a multi-discipline group of highly experienced and innovative water industry professionals who focus on providing the most complete, efficient and effective water reuse, water recycling, and process fluid treatment solutions available today.

URL: http://sustainablewatersolutionsllc.com/

SWAY has developed a solution that will overcome the most significant arguments against wind power, high cost and visual impact. The solution have the potential of securing a number of nations worldwide economical access to an unlimited energy source with no pollution and minimal environmental controversy.
Sway AS is renewable energy company on course to revolutionize wind energy design, in particular for offshore installations.

URL: http://www.sway.no/

SynerVision Leadership Foundation provides a pathway of spiritful engagement for churches and organizations seeking transformation. SVLF helps congregations, nonprofits, and communities seeking ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change who feel themselves lost and uncertain, battered and dispirited. These seekers look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement. Consultants, seminars and books have promised much to these searching congregations and communities and delivered little more than reworked methods from times now long past. Indeed, we are in a time when methods and manuals, quick fixes and weekend seminars do not provide lasting transformation.

URL: http://synervision.us/

Seattle 2030 District

The Seattle 2030 District is a groundbreaking high-performance building district in Downtown Seattle that aims to dramatically reduce environmental impacts of building construction and operations through education and collaboration across every sector of the built environment.

URL: http://www.2030districts.org/seattle/

SIRONA Cares Foundation

Sirona Cares Foundation (SCF) builds sustainable communities by addressing two of the most damaging and persistent patterns in the developing world: poverty and ecological destruction. Its pilot program, started in Haitian rural communities, establishes a stable economic base through jatropha farming, while supporting the health and education of children; this program is fully scalable and applicable to the great majority of countries in the developing world.

 URL: http://www.sironacares.org/

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) is part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s preeminent museum and research complex. The Museum is dedicated to inspiring curiosity, discovery, and learning about the natural world through its unparalleled research, collections, exhibitions, and education outreach programs. Opened in 1910, the green-domed museum on the National Mall was among the first Smithsonian building constructed exclusively to house the national collections and research facilities.

URL: https://www.mnh.si.edu/

Solar Cookers International

Solar cookers international can improve a woman’s health, her children’s health, her household budget, her field’s ability to grow crops, her personal safety, and her educational opportunities. The sun’s free, zero-emissions energy produces no household air pollution, preserving the environment as people cook food and pasteurize drinking water.

URL: https://www.solarcookers.org/

Start With One Kenya

Start With One Kenya is trained by United Methodist Volunteers in Mission and teams traveling with SWOK will be insured by UMVIM.
Teams traveling in missions to Kenya will usually fall within four areas: 1) Water Filter/Hygiene WASH 2) Building 3) Medical and Health 4) Evangelism including Children’s Ministry,VBS, and Church Services. We can customize your trip to include any combination of the four.

URL: http://startwithonekenya.org/Team/team.html

Sustainable Water LLC

Sustainable Water is a leading provider of water reclamation and reuse solutions. Utilizing the world’s leading technologies, we recycle water for heating, cooling and irrigation, bringing customers annual savings on operations costs year after year.

URL: http://sustainablewater.com/

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Swinomish Tribe is committed to improving the lives and well being of its tribal members through social and cultural programs, education, economic development, and resource protection.

URL: http://www.swinomish-nsn.gov/

White Bison Association

Sacred World Peace Alliance and White Bison Association provides care for the white bison, an endangered species. Only one in ten million bison is born white. The White Bison Association provides a non-kill sanctuary and breeding programs, in order to promote healthy white bison population growth. It also uses inspirational religious programs based on the beliefs of indigenous peoples worldwide, which show deep respect for the iconic white bison. Prayer is promoted as a means to provide spiritual healing.

URL: http://www.sacredworldpeacealliance.com

Sustainable Land2

Sustainable Land Development Initiative (SLDI) is a stakeholder social media association now positioned to help transform the industry that creates the very infrastructure of our civilization. SLDI is dedicated to delivering sustainable land development technology and knowledge resources to promote and enable fully integrated sustainable land development worldwide.

URL: http://www.triplepundit.com


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