The Emerald Mall (Conceptual Design)

The Emerald Mall is an online space to provide outstanding sustainable technologies, services, and products to those in need around the globe. By having all this best “green” practices together in the same place, we create awareness of these new technologies and a strong community to make the world a better place!

Using, we are connecting these best “green” practices to those seeking such new technologies, services, products, and processes.

We would like you to consider join us in this project by creating an Amazon store and adding your products to The Emerald Mall.

If you already have an online store, you are also very welcome, to join us on The Emerald Mall.


These are the instructions of how to create your Amazon account: 

Complete these 5 steps and you are ready to start sharing your

Best Practices with those in need or at risk around the globe!

Please contact us to link your store to The Emerald Mall or if you need more information.

Tel:    202-718-2762