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ValueBridge International is a global advisory, professional services, and capital investment firm, focused on helping organizations deliver extraordinary value to their customers, employees, and shareholders. ValueBridge helps companies develop products and services, improve their financial results, attain growth capital, and solidify their competitive position in the marketplace, thereby creating sustainable value for the organization, its customers, shareholders, and investment partners.



Veggies Under Glass is a company that promotes the production of vegetables in a particular greenhouse system that enables people to grow veggies all year round.
Their company is dedicated to fostering health and connecting communities by bringing the joy of organic gardening to your back yard. Year round. In virtually any climate.


The Veggie Van Organization is a unique nonprofit educational service that promotes biodiesel fuel and other renewable energies through hands-on demonstrations, school presentations and road tours. Our famous “Veggie Van” goes 70 mph and has driven over 25,000 miles on biodiesel fuel made from new and used vegetable oil. Not only does the three ton, biodiesel powered motor home get 25 miles per gallon on vegetable oil-based biodiesel fuel, but its exhaust also smells like French Fries.

URL: https://www.veggievan.org


Vermont Electric Investment Corporation (VEIC). Its work will result in reducing 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) (carbon ton equivalent) per year by 2027, twice the amount the entire state of Vermont produced in 2007. This is equal to eliminating the need for seven 300 MW coal plants or removing 4 million cars from our roads. This work will generate net economic benefits in 2027 of $1.5 billion.

URL: www.veic.org


VIA Motors enables larger 4WD vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks, to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a full range of 400 miles on a single fill-up. For most drivers, this means over 100 mpg in typical local daily driving. It’s exciting to drive-with more torque, the Electric Truck outperforms the gas version. With 75% of drivers averaging less than 40 miles a day, most electric vehicles carry extra weight in costly batteries—VIA has optimized its battery pack, carrying only what’s needed for most days.

URL: http://www.viamotors.com


Victoria’s School of Architecture has an internationally recognized reputation as a leading tertiary provider in the built environment. Its programs span a range of disciplines at the core of the built environment, from architecture, building science, landscape architecture and interior architecture to architecture history and theory. Its commitment to teaching and learning is underpinned by Its ongoing research in these areas. The School is proud to own and maintain the Collected Archives, a collection of archives and manuscripts related to architecture at Victoria University.

URL: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/architecture

Engineered to last, the Village Drill was designed with simplicity, transportability, and durability as the guiding principles. With the ability to drill up to 270 feet, and then quickly disassemble and fit in the back of a small truck, the Village Drill was built to meet the needs of organizations doing the hard work of providing water for the nearly 1 billion people lacking simple access.

URL: https://villagedrill.com/


Villanova‘s unprecedented growth continued into the 1950s.The new residence halls went up on the East Campus, complemented by a new student center (Dougherty Hall) and a new Commerce and Finance Building (Bartley Hall). By the end of the decade total enrollment stood around 7000. At the same time two new programs were inaugurated, the Villanova School of Nursing and the Villanova School of Law, both in 1953. The nursing program opened full-time undergraduate study to women for the first time.

URL: http://www.villanova.edu/


VII Inc. specializes in understanding and shaping emerging Government and Business initiatives. Founded in October 1996 by President Chuck Vollmer, VII Inc. has helped to create dozens of new businesses and major programs. The company is competencies exist of Strategic Planning, Systems Engineering & Investment Capital, and has large experience dealing with multi-national initiatives, strategic planning, architectures, concepts of operations, systems engineering, systems integration, business plans, consensus building, market studies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property development.

URL: http://www.viiinc.com


VN Washington DC Radio is the voice of everyone’s freedom of Vietnamese refugees to serve the Vietnamese people everywhere in the world – with honesty policy, utility, building a rich life today and the direction beautiful future tomorrow

URL: http://tunein.com/radio/Vietnam-Washington-DC-Radio-s137304/


Virginia Commonwealth University is one of the nation’s top research universities, enrolls more than 31,000 students on two Richmond Campus. The VCU Medical Center, including the university’s health scidences schools, offers state-of-art care in more than 200 specialty areas and serves as the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

URL: http://www.vcu.edu/


Virginia Council on Economic Education is a nonprofit entity to leverage the collective intelligence, resources, and spirit of state government, local school divisions, universities, business leaders, and teachers to open the doors of economic and financial literacy to Virginia’s students. The Virginia Council on Economic Education’s mission is straightforward and critical: provide Virginia’s K-12 students with the economic knowledge and financial skills needed to thrive in our dynamic economy.

URL: http://www.vcee.org


The Virginia Native Plant Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the native plants of Virginia and their habitats, in order to sustain for generations to come the integrity of the Commonwealth’s rich natural heritage of ecosystems and biodiversity for purposes of enjoyment, enlightenment, sustainable use, and our own very survival. To this end, we advocate and follow practices that will conserve our natural endowment, and we discourage and combat practices that will endanger or destroy it. We are committed to do all we can to slow the accelerating conversion of natural landscape to built and planted landscape and to reduce its damage to natural ecosystems.

URL: https://vnps.org/


Virginia Tech takes a hands-on, engaging approach to education, preparing scholars to be leaders in their fields and communities. As the commonwealth’s most comprehensive university and its leading research institution, Virginia Tech offers 215 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 30,000 students and manages a research portfolio of more than $450 million. The university fulfills its land-grant mission of transforming knowledge to practice through technological leadership and by fueling economic growth and job creation locally, regionally, and across Virginia.

URL: http://www.vt.edu


Vision of Green Outreach’s .(VOGO) value lies helping our clients “make sense” and “take action” on each of these Foundations for Clean Tech / Energy leadership. They have a broad yet deep range of strategic, large program, technology & financial expertise, strengthened by global partnerships that allow us to help our clients create markets and exploit rapidly moving business and technology opportunities. They are committed to helping our clients ‘have global impact through taking local action’, becoming global leaders in Clean Tech / Energy industries through identifying, developing & deploying globally relevant and high impact strategies, capabilities & platforms.

URL: http://www.vogogrp.com/


What used to be “Northern Virginia’s best-kept secret” is now one of the country’s largest, most comprehensive schools of engineering. The Volgenau School of Engineering is on the radar and on a roll, adding new programs, attracting more top faculty and expanding vital research. Students can concentrate in six socially relevant themes of their choice, including bioengineering, robotics (drones and beyond), sustainable infrastructure, health care technologies, global outreach and cyber security—critical to defending the school’s networks and one of the most sought-after degrees. Its close relationships with a number of corporate partners also gives students opportunities to apply their classroom learning to real-world situations to help make the world safer, cleaner and healthier.

URL: https://volgenau.gmu.edu


Voltaic Systems makes products that produce and store their own power to run your electronics anywhere. They are based in New York City and ship directly to customers and their partners worldwide from warehouses in New Jersey and the Netherlands.

URL: http://www.voltaicsystems.com

Virginia Wesleyan College

Chartered in 1961, Virginia Wesleyan College is an innovative, four-year liberal arts college founded by United Methodist Church. Small by desgn and located on the border of Norfolk and Virginia Beach,VWC’s 300-acre wooded campus is ideally positioned in a metropolitan area ripe with possibilities for exploring careers, discovering through exploration and helping students gain a firm hold on your future.

URL: http://www.vwc.edu

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