Alternative Sources of Funding through Climate Impact Mitigation & Infrastructure Development [7.30.17]


  • Guest 1 shows 1; 2;, Brian Van Wye, Associate Director, Regulatory Review Division Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), Government of the District of Columbia,
  • Guest 2, shows 3; 4; Reed Shapiro, Director, Business Development, Carbon Credit Capital,

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Program overview

Washington, DC was named the first LEED for Cities Platinum certified city in the world. Mayor Bowser was presented this honor by Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), at an event on the steps of Dunbar High School – the highest rated LEED-certified school in the United States. The Mayor and Ramanujam were joined by Mayor Bowser’s Chief Technology Officer, Archana Vemulapalli, the District Department of Energy and Environment’s green building expert, Jay Wilson, and other Administration officials.

“It is in the best interest of Washington, DC’s safety, economy, and future to take sustainability and resiliency seriously, and as the nation’s capital, we have a special obligation to lead the way on environmental issues,” said Mayor Bowser. “We are proud to be recognized as the world’s first LEED Platinum city. Our commitment to these issues will not yield, and we look forward to continuing to build a greener, more resilient, and more sustainable DC.”

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world and is designed to help buildings achieve high performance in key areas of human and environmental health. LEED for Cities was launched last year and enables cities to measure and communicate performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts across an array of metrics, including energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience (which includes education, prosperity, equity and health & safety). LEED for Cities projects benchmark and track performance using Arc, a state-of-the-art digital platform that uses data to provide greater transparency into sustainability efforts and helps cities make more informed decisions.

Washington, DC’s LEED Platinum certification recognizes the outcomes, rather than intent, of the city’s leadership in creating a sustainable and resilient built environment, which includes: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting clean energy innovation, and focusing on inclusive prosperity and livability in all eight wards.

“Washington, DC is setting the bar for smart cities all around the world by leveraging technology and data to achieve sustainability and resiliency goals, creating healthy and safe communities where citizens can thrive,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO at USGBC and GBCI. “Mayor Bowser and the city are once again showing that our nation’s capital is performing at the highest levels and that its buildings, neighborhoods and communities are as sustainable as possible.”

As the District looks to achieve the goals of the Sustainable DC Plan and the targets of the Paris Climate Accord, tracking and improving upon the city’s progress is essential. As part of achieving these goals, under Smarter DC, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer works to develop more open access to data and LEED for Cities will be a valuable tool in these efforts.

“Smarter DC is fundamentally about leveraging technology strategically to deliver a more sustainable, resilient, equitable, and healthy city transparently,” said Chief Technology Officer Vemulapalli. “This recognition was only attainable by working together to deliver real outcomes for the District.”
Carbon Credit Capital LLC is a carbon offset management firm. We specialize in linking international and local partners to high-quality carbon emission reduction projects in developing and domestic markets. We work to reduce carbon emissions, provide climate education, and achieve sustainability goals with corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and universities.

When you purchase carbon credits you fund projects around the world that pull Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) out of the atmosphere, or keep them out altogether. For every metric ton of GHG that a project mitigates one carbon credit is created. That carbon credit can be purchased by an individual, a business, or even a government to balance or even eliminate their carbon footprint. If you emit 1 ton of GHG and “offset” that by purchasing 1 carbon credit, you have a net carbon footprint of zero. If there were enough carbon credit projects in the world to offset the amount of GHGs produced every year, climate change would be history.

There are several types of carbon credits (sometimes called “allowances”), and various terms are used to define a carbon credit depending on its’ purpose. Voluntary emissions reductions (VERs) are carbon credits created by reducing emissions in a voluntary program through offset projects. Certified emissions reductions (CERs) are allowances created under a mandatory program through offset projects designed under a regulatory framework. European Union Allowances (EUAs) are tradable allowances that are not produced by an offset project, but which are rather given out by the European Union to companies regulated by their “cap-and-trade” emissions reduction program.

All emissions reductions made through offset projects and carbon credits generated from offset projects must be real, additional, verifiable, permanent, and enforceable. Any carbon credit that is generated from a verified and third-party approved offset project will meet these requirements and therefore ensures that emissions reductions have already happened.

The most simple, convenient and established way to reduce your carbon emissions is through retiring, or removing verified carbon credits from circulation. Whether you are a family owned bakery, a large multi-store apparel brand, or an individual; purchasing carbon offsets is the most immediate and most trusted way to shrink your carbon footprint. We offer best-in-industry verified carbon offsets generated from projects registered under internationally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Moreover, we offer emission accounting (carbon footprinting) for your operations at no additional cost.

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