Next Generation Eco-Cities: 21st Century Aesthetics of Green, Function, and Beauty for Environmentally Sensitive Spaces [9.1.19]

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  • Guest 1: Thomas Rainer, RLA, ASLA, Principal & Landscape Architect, Phyto Studio
  • Guest 2: Danielle (Dani) Alexander, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Studio AKA LLC
Segment 1

Thomas Rainer,  RLA, ASLA, Principal & Landscape Architect, Phyto Studio, (In Studio), Theme: “Designed Plant Communities

Segment 2

Thomas Rainer,  RLA, ASLA, Principal & Landscape Architect, Phyto Studio, (In Studio), Theme:  “Ecological Intensification”

Segment 3

Danielle (Dani) Alexander, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Studio AKA LLC, (In Studio), ThemeStormwater Infrastructure and Public Space

Segment 4

Danielle (Dani) Alexander, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Studio AKA LLC, (In Studio), Theme: “Facing Our Past, Rebuilding Our Future”

Program Summary:

The world-wide EmeraldPlanet International Foundation movement is linking millions of professionals and citizens around the globe through a practical community-by-community identification, evaluation, broadcasting, and promotions weekly television program and selected The Emerald Mini-Treks.

EmeraldPlanet International Foundation has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks, while creating The Emerald Mall to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings..

WELCOME to join in this world-wide movement by watching The EmeraldPlanet TV programs, participating in planning for and joining in various The Emerald Mini-Treks, and linking your “best practices” to those in need on The Emerald Mall. MANY BEST WISHES as together we create The EmeraldPlanet…Dr. Sam Hancock

Our featured guests are:

  • Segment ‘1’: Thomas Rainer, RLA, ASLA, Principal & Landscape Architect, Phyto Studio, (In Studio), Theme: “Designed Plant Communities”
  • Segment ‘2’: Thomas Rainer, RLA, ASLA, Principal & Landscape Architect, Phyto Studio, (In Studio), Theme: “Ecological Intensification”
  • Segment ‘3’: Danielle (Dani) Alexander, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Studio AKA LLC, (In Studio), Theme: “Stormwater Infrastructure and Public Space”
  • Segment ‘4’: Danielle (Dani) Alexander, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Studio AKA LLC, (In Studio), Theme: “Facing Our Past, Rebuilding Our Future”

Program Overview:

Phyto Studio is harnessing the power of biodiverse plant systems to create resilient, emotionally-resonant landscapes. Its approach uses the technologies of “designed plant communities” to create landscapes that are functional, beautiful, and diverse. These projects span many scales and sectors, from green roofs to green infrastructure, urban plazas to rural estates, campuses to small gardens. The organization leads its own design projects as well as provide support to landscape architects, engineers, land owners and managers, and government agencies.

Phyto believes exquisitely detailed structures and hardscape provide the perfect foil to its plant-driven approach. The organization creates the juxtaposition of bold architecture with richly layered planting. Contrast is a recurring motif of its work: between legibility and intricacy; between formal and informal; between modern and romantic. It starts by creating a bold, durable framework with structures, hardscape, bed lines, and paths; then fills these frame with dynamic plants that celebrate the ephemeral.

Obsessive focus on implementation elevates Phyros work. Too often nature-inspired designs fail because the lack of of understanding of the technical complexities of design and management. The Principals and collaborators put their hands in the soil, know growers by name, touch every plant, and advocate for quality every step of the way. The organization specializes in specifying custom plant procurement, innovative site preparation and installation strategies, and long-term management plans. It designs with maintenance in mind, carefully tailoring designs to the constraints of existing sites, and client’s resources. Maintenance is not an afterthought, but the starting point of design explorations.

Studio AKA LLC provides design solutions for private and public landscapes that are ecologically sensitive and foster connections between people and place. From the garden to larger landscape systems, Studio AKA collaborates with clients and teams on projects of all scales, uniting the built and natural environments, in ways which surprise and delight.
Studio AKA LLC is a full service Landscape Architecture firm. It can help plan and design one’s space, whether it be in the realm of residential, commercial, or institutional uses and at any scale, from the intimate courtyard to the expansive city park. It works with architects, engineers, arborists, soil scientists, contractors, and others to bring beautiful projects into being. Its services include: Master Planning; Site Analysis; Site Design; Communication & Visualization; Project Coordination; Construction Documentation; and Construction Management.

The Firm approaches each project with the aim of constructing ecologically appropriate and performative landscapes. It has experience working with naturalists, ecologists, and soil scientists and can build a team to conserve, reclaim, or restore landscapes that are not functioning or habitat that is fragile. Incorporating strategies for climate resilience is a cornerstone of its work. As a Climate Reality Leader, Principal and Founder Danielle (Dani) Alexander gives free presentations to individuals, community groups, and companies discussing the impacts of climate change on our world.

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