SPIN and Small Plot Farmers: Leveraging High Oxygenated SuperWater with Organic, Living Wage, and Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Food Production [2.5.20]


  • Guest 1: Charles D. (Chuck) Vollmer, Founder, President, & Author, Jobenomics
  • Guest 2: Dr. Reinerio (Rey) Linares, Lead Scientist, Founder, & CEO, HyOx SuperWater, Inc.
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Program Summary:

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EmeraldPlanet International Foundation has continually expanded its outreach and service to all sectors of countries and local communities. It is actively identifying the “best of the best” technologies, services, products, and processes. This is the “high touch” portions of the EmeraldPlanet global movement featuring the “high technologies” through The Emerald Mini-Treks, while creating The Emerald Mall to match those inventing, creating, experimenting with, and manufacturing needed technologies. with those individuals and communities needing such technologies, services, products, and processes for sustainable, resilient, and adaptive living in closer harmony with natural surroundings..

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Our featured guests are:

  • Show ‘1’: Charles D. (Chuck) Vollmer, Founder, President, & Author, Jobenomics, (In-Studio), Theme: “Jobenomics and SuperWater: Catalysis for SPIN and Small Plot Farmers Creating Sustainable Futures”
  • Show ‘2’: Dr. Reinerio (Rey) Linares, Lead Scientist, Founder, & CEO, HyOx SuperWater, Inc., (In-Studio), Theme: “High Oxygenated SuperWater: What?; Why?; How?; Where?; When?”
  • Show ‘3’: Dr. Reinerio (Rey) Linares, Lead Scientist, Founder, & CEO, HyOx SuperWater, Inc., (In-Studio), Theme: “High Oxygenated SuperWater: Availability; Certification; Plant, Animal, and Human Health Impacts; Manufacturing & Purity; and Environmental Remediation”
  • Show ‘4’: Dr. Reinerio (Rey) Linares, Lead Scientist, Founder, & CEO, HyOx SuperWater, Inc., (In-Studio), Theme: “High Oxygenated SuperWater: Small Plot INtensive (SPIN) and Small Plot Organic Farming and Scalability”

Program Overview:

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Jobenomics deals with the economics of business and job creation. Jobenomics’ principal focus is on citizens at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with emphasis on minorities, women, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to develop a skill, career and start a business. The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has reached an estimated audience of 30 million people via media, website, blog, and lectures. In 2018, Jobenomics America TV began airing multiple public access channels across the United States. In 2019, Jobenomics’ website is averaging 33,000-page views per month with the majority the viewers spending a half hour or more online, not counting time spent reviewing hundreds of thousands of downloads of Jobenomics ten e-books and special reports. Today, Jobenomics has garnished wide-spread recognition of its economic, urban renewal, small business, and workforce development efforts.

Jobenomics provides advice and timely data to policy and decision-makers worldwide. Over the last few years, Jobenomics met with over a thousand government, business, and community leaders to incorporate the best of their ideas and requirements into Jobenomics initiatives and programs. Today, two dozen communities started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders. These initiatives focus on women, minorities, youth, veterans, and other hopefuls who want to work or start a business. While Jobenomics is an American business and job creation movement, there is significant interest from Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and African nations to start similar programs.

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