United Nations Small Islands Developing States: National Model Program for Sustainable Development in Micronesia [07/05/2009]


  • Erik Hagberg, President/CEO, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
  • Henri Georges Polgar, Executive Director, Panamerican-Panafrican Association (PaPa)
  • Rosario De Medici, Executive Vice President, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.

Segment 1

Erik Hagberg, President/CEO, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
Erik Hagberg, President/CEO, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
Segment 2

Henri Georges Polgar, Executive Director, Panamerican-Panafrican Association (PaPa)
Henri Georges Polgar, Executive Director, Panamerican-Panafrican Association (PaPa)
Segment 3

Rosario De Medici, Executive Vice President, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
Rosario De Medici, Executive Vice President, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
Segment 4

 Erik Hagberg, Henri Georges Polgar,and Rosario De Medici
Erik Hagberg, Henri Georges Polgar,and Rosario De Medici

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This program features:

  • Segment 1:  Erik Hagberg, President/CEO, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
  • Segment 2:  Henri Georges Polgar, Executive Director, Panamerican-Panafrican Association (PaPa)
  • Segment 3:  Rosario De Medici, Executive Vice President, Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International, Inc.
  • Segment 4:  Erik Hagberg, Henri Georges Polgar,and Rosario De Medici

Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives

Pacific Aquaculture Cooperatives International (PAC) is a global aquaculture business enterprise whose primary mission is to provide strategically engineered aquaculture solutions to the world aquaculture industry as a modus operandi of economic and environmental sustainability to SIDS(Small Island Developing States)  and developing countries for economic development, environmental sustainability, and sustainability of the global food chain from the bottom up. This will be done by the development and deployment of sustainable sea cucumber farm operations in every coast lined country adjoined with educational training for local natives together with ongoing collaboration and assignments with government, industry and scientific agencies. PAC International was established in 2005 and is an NGO affiliate with Consultive Status Accreditation to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

PAC will empower native residents to efficiently manage and utilize their natural marine resources. By maintaining a major equity position in each cooperative employee owned operation, PAC will insure the proper implementation and management of its business solutions in order to safeguard and promote environmental sustainability by the use of its proprietary aqua farming methodology that will exponentially increase sea cucumber population while maintaining the integrity of the coral reefs – its natural environment and thus ameliorate the damages of global warming; promote economic development through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise, the standards of living are raised, quality health care and education becomes affordable, and by facilitating initial public offerings of each corporate cooperative, the prosperity of future generations are safeguarded. PAC’s strategic business solutions are consistent with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals will therefore serve as a reliable and legitimate mechanism to assist world governments in achieving their MDG.

The products that these corporate cooperatives in developing countries will farm, harvest, and market are scientifically known as Holothuroidea, or sea cucumbers, are an abundant and diverse group of worm-like and usually soft-bodied echinoderms. They are found in nearly every marine environment, but are most diverse on tropical shallow-water coral reefs. They range from the intertidal, where they may be exposed briefly at low tide, to the floor of the deepest oceanic trenches. Some of these are about 20 cm in length, though adults of some diminutive species may not exceed a centimeter, while one large species can reach lengths of 5 m (Synapta maculata). Several species can swim and there are even forms that live their entire lives as plankton, floating with the ocean currents.

These sea cucumbers are widely consumed for food and as a traditional nutraceutical throughout Asian and Middle Eastern communities. It is so highly prized for its ability to fight arthritis pain and degeneration, for its anti-viral properties, as an aphrodisiac, and for regular consumption as a culinary component or in supplement form to promote overall good health.

PAC has a patent pending proprietary farming methodology capable of exponentially increasing existing sea cucumber populations.  This revolutionary farming method will give PAC the ability to continuously generate sustainable harvests and provide a steady supply of sea cucumbers to the large demands of existing buyers, and expand sea cucumbers’ viability in emerging markets.

The global sea cucumber market is poised for tremendous growth in the pharmaceutical industry.  Scientific studies are defining the healing properties of sea cucumbers, finding the high proportions of sulphated polysaccharides, glycoproteins, fucans, and lectins found in their body walls all show significant potential for development into marketable drugs for arthritis, cancer treatments, HIV therapy, and other new medical treatments.

Introduction and utilization of new aquaculture technology and methodology will insure dramatic increases in productivity, customer base, and resulting success. PAC’s growth will also help to energize global interest and tourism in this region. With adequate funding, eco-sensitive and intelligent management, and shrewd product development, PAC can easily capture a significant chunk of the existing “wild catch” sea cucumber market through its exclusively “farmed” product, and expand the world sea cucumber market (currently valued at over US$4.6 billion) by 25% or more.

Panamerican-Panafrican Association

The Panamerican-Panafrican Association, Inc.`s U.S.-Africa, U.S.-Latin America, US-Asia and US-Middle East Educational, Cultural, and Economic Development Permanent Programs are designed to promote, encourage and foster better understanding and good will among and between peoples of the United States, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East through the interchange of ideas and persons.

The Panamerican-Panafrican Association (established first in 1963 in New York City and later in 1968 in Washington, D.C. as a not-for-profit unincorporated association [the Panamerican Association], and later incorporated in New York in 1981), was founded by Concert Pianist-Composer, Writer and Cultural, Educational and Economic Exchange Specialist, Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard.

Co-Founder of the Foundation was the distinguished German-Uruguayan Musicologist and Executive Director of the Instituto Interamericano de Musicologia, Montevidio, Uruguay, Dr. Francisco Curt Lange. Dr. Pritchard (known as history`s first American commercially viable pianist and recording artist of African descent) is also the 1965 Founder of the Black History Month Observance and the 1997 Founder of the International Black History Month Observance.

The Panamerican-Panafrican Association, Inc. has been committed to advance international understanding through the implementation of demonstration projects, ongoing cultural, economic and educational initiatives which call for broad application of the universal language of the Arts and Humanities, Trade, the Social, Behavioral and Physical Sciences and related disciplines. In particular, the Foundation has pursued the goal of bridging the gaps of understanding between First, Second and Third World communities through the medium of exchange of ideas between their constituent social, ethnic, cultural and political heterogenous communities.

The accomplishment of these goals has been realized by organizing and sponsoring conferences, awards ceremonies recognizing significant achievements in a broad humanitarian context; by assisting foreign students to study in the United States; by sponsoring artists and artistic organizations; by conducting research and scholarly investigations in the fields of culture, education and economics of the countries of primary concern. The Foundation also offers consultative services on a contractual basis in the various areas of the corporation`s expertise, to non-profit organizations, industry and US local State and Federal Agencies.

Today, the Pa/Pa Inc is proud to have expanded its philosophy of cultural, educational and economic interchange to its affiliate organizations, i.e., the Pa/Pa Inc.-Japan; the Pa/Pa Italy; the Pa/Pa Europa; the Pa/Pa Inc.-Indonesia; the Pa/Pa Inc.-Haiti and the Pa/Pa Inc.-Liberia.

As you may know EmeraldPlanet is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to identifying at least 1,000 ‘best practices’ for sustainable environmental and economic development. Our efforts are to link those having such “best practices” with those needing the technologies, processes, services, and products to be outstanding ecological stewards of their resources. Please support The Emerald Planet Television and The Emerald Trek through your generous donations of US$25, US$50, or US$100. Click the donations button to make your contributions now

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